April 26 — A Poem A Day

Tradition vs. Innovation One advocates change. The other stands on its laurels. One wants total renovation. The other is content with the status quo. One wants to maintain. The other wants to destroy and rebuild. Each seeks total control. Debate, their first-born child, Is abandoned. Compromise, their next-born, Is rejected. Hope, spontaneously aborts. Triumph, withers … Continue reading April 26 — A Poem A Day

April 24th — A Poem A Day

Cyberspace Casanova Suave and debonair, he flits from blog to blog flirting lasciviously, leaving bits of innuendo for each lovely maid. He tenders verse in one size fits all, insulting ladies left and right in commonality. Sublimely unaware of his offense, he recoils in surprise when confronted. Oh how it pains him to be labeled … Continue reading April 24th — A Poem A Day