My Secret Vice

I used to buy the magazines — you know the ones at the grocery store check out stands that have the big glossy covers — then sneak them home and day dream over the pages.  Suddenly those type magazines developed big glossy price tags and I could no longer afford my vice.  That’s when I started sneaking around on the web to get my fix.

Since my favorite place to read the magazines was my bed and I didn’t have a laptop, I would print out pages to peruse before I snuggled in to dream about the tantalizing textures, lines and curves I had just feasted my eyes on. I kept my favorite models in a special binder and would gaze at the papers night after night until they became too crinkled and worn to ignite my passions.

These days I don’t even have to sneak to get my fix.  I’ve discovered tons of people share my vice and they’ve hauled it right out in the open for anyone to see.  In fact, a simple Google search of the words house plans will bring up a plethora of sites to drool over. Most of them totally free for ogling.

Well, what did you think I was talking about? Shame on you!