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I ♥ My New Kitchen

kitchen I could stare at this photo for hours — in fact I do! For a little over a year now I have had a postage stamp for a kitchen.  The thing is so small that I practically have to leave the room to open the cupboard!  I don’t see that being a problem in my next kitchen, do you?

Homemade noodles, cakes, cookies, pies — all the things I haven’t made in ages because they take counter space — will be mine again!  And, in this kitchen I can have my coffee pot and my toaster out yet still have tons of room!  In fact, I think this kitchen has more counter space than my current one has floor space!

Plus, we will once again have a lunch counter.  We had one in the condo at Makaha and I absolutely loved it.   We’ll have to get Bar Stools. I wonder if I can find a couple that at least come close to matching the dining room set?

It will be so nice to have room to work.  Right now, aside from being really tiny, my kitchen houses the main entry in and out of the house.  Please note that there is no exterior door to this kitchen.  Yay!

Also please note that that’s a JennAir cooktop and the refridgerator has the freezer on the bottom.  Have I mentioned that I love my new kitchen?  It also has a couple other things my curent kitchen doesn’t — a dishwasher and a garbage disposal.

kitchen2There is more storage space in that kitchen then there is in this entire house!  Note the two full sets of drawers on either side of the stove.  And just look at all the cupboards!  I especially love the glass-doored corner cabinets and the Lazy-Susan cupboard down below.

Look closely and check out the under-cabinet lighting!  I so detest working in the dark.  I don’t think  I’ll have any shortage of plug ins, either!

Can you see me cooking in this kitchen and sitting at the lunch bar sipping coffee? I’ve already mentally unpacked and am planning my first meal.   sigh Are we there yet?


  1. For about six months after I got my new kitchen I used to just sit in the dining room marvelling at it! You’re going to have so much fun in there! 🙂

  2. It´s really looks wonderful! I love the wood grain and that it is light wood. For me a kitchen needs to be light and airy. I would love that kitchen too! I´m happy for you and can´t wait to see what you make first…. 🙂

    1. Betty — I need light, too. At first i was worried because the kitchen is in the center of the home, but then I noted the under-cabinet lighting.

  3. Oh wow. My kitchen is cramped and frankly crap — I *love* yours! Quilly that is SOME new home to go to; how lovely.

    A few days ago I’d gotten curious about Friday Harbor and looked it up, reading its history and looking at photos I could find. You are SO lucky; what a place!

    1. Nessa — having just undergone a rather “interesting” experience, I am not certain I want to hold a bloggers gathering on that tiny island — or in my own home!

    1. Linda — a couple of months ago I would have blithely said, “Come on over.” In fact I did just that with another blogger. I am still recovering from the experience. Therapy may be required.

  4. Quilly, I am liking your new kitchen. It is sooooooo nice!

    Leave it to Amoeba to pick one with a blonde already installed.
    I hope he keeps you, two blondes make a dozen in my book. 🙂

    1. Jim — the already installed blond is the landlord. She put herself in the pictures so we would have a size perspective. And I picked the house and fell in love. Amoeba hemmed and hawed for a week and finally said call and tell them we’ll take it.

      1. Then congratulations are in order. And that was a very smart idea for the landlord. It really is a beautiful place. Consider me jealous. (In the best way, of course. lol) 🙂

        1. Cherie — you know what happened last time I said this, so I am going to qualify — with the proper personal references and a note attesting to your mental health, you may come and visit us when you need a break between semesters. 😉

  5. I am feeling your excitement, Quilly. I am excited for you as well! I’ll bet you are counting down the days.

    p.s. It looks like you will have plenty of room for those “out of town” bloggers…ooops, I mean, guests!

    1. Gigi — this is the real house we’ll be moving into. This is the real kitchen I’ll be cooking in. The fantasy is that it will make me a better cook — or that I’ll really get to furnish it right off the bat. We don’t do credit. We buy things or go without.

  6. For real?? This is the kitchen you are moving to? Oh Quilly, I am so happy for you!! I also am green!! I hate my kitchen, totally… I have about 6 square inches of counter space. (okay, so I exaggerate, but gets the point across). I have to have store bough cupboard things in there to put dishes and such into… and my food is down the hall in the linen closet, leaving no place for the linen so some is in bedroom closet, towels on a shelf I put up in bathroom. I so want a new kitchen. Well, not that I cook, mind you, but if I ever wanted to…. Who knows, maybe I’d want to do some cooking if I had a kitchen I liked. Who am I trying to kid… I only have a kitchen because it came with the place, haha.

    1. Alice — this is really the home I am moving to — and my current kitchen and your kitchen could be related! If I put a toaster, the coffee pot or the crock pot on my counter, there is no space left to do anything else with!

  7. How lucky you are. What I miss is a large kitchen with the room for everything. I also miss a disposal, and a dishwasher that cleans the dishes.

    1. Betty — oh I do wish you had those things. You probably need them more than I do and such luxuries do make using the kitchen more of a joy.

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