Feeling Blue

Welcome to Fun Friday in my Special Ed classroom.

It isn’t only the students who learn.

I put out paper, paint, water, and brushes. As I handed the last kid his brush I noticed paint on his fingers. I looked up. His cheek and lips were swabbed in navy blue paint.

“Why is there paint on your face?” I ask.

He says, “I no know.”

His teeth and tongue are also blue.

I say, “We don’t eat paint!”

He says, “No eat. Taste yukky.” And then he drank the paint water — luckily, it was still clean.

Fun Friday isn’t all fun and games. Some learning also happens — usually by me.

(For those now horrified, the paint is Crayola Brand, it’s non-toxic & washable. It is perfectly kid-safe. Some days, I am not sure I am.)

6 thoughts on “Feeling Blue

  1. “I dunno, dude, that kid might be smarta than she thinks.”


    “Did she ask tha kid ta draw a Pict-ure?”


    “Nah, dude. Woad.”



    “Ya started tokin’ a’ready? Wit’out me?!?”

    • Lol! Well, green was right next to the blue and remained unslurped. However, he pretty much “red” everything on the table.

    • No, Nat. Smack MY head. It has been almost a year and I still over-estimate my littles at every turn. I am not used to teaching kinder and first grade in the first place, so I constantly under-estimate what my Special Ed kinder and first graders don’t know. I put little dollops of paint on a plastic “dish” (paint tray) in front of him, I should have EXPECTED him to eat it, but instead, since he was excited and enthusiastic when I said we were going to paint, I assumed he knew — emphasis on “ass.”

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