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April 9th — Poetry Playing

Before we get to today’s poem I want to remind you all to visit Poetry Playing and vote for your favorite Limerick.   There are no names on the poems to keep voting fair, but yes, I have entered a Limerick in the contest.  Do truy your best to pick it, won’t you? Voting will take place on Friday and Saturday, April 9 and 10, 2010. Deadline 11 PM eastern standard time on the 10th. The Winner will be announced Sunday, April 11th.

Timely Seasons

Spring forward,
march boldly into April,
stop and smell the flowers,
then skip into June.

Jump into Summer
with beach barbecues
from July through September.

back into your jacket
for bonfires and autumn leaves,
until November fades.

Winter drift
into snowbanks on toboggans
and sip hot chocolate
until February.


Poetry Playing, Day 9
Prompt: Sring Forward, Fall back


  1. I DID vote! And I DID try to pick yours… but darned if I know if I DID or not! Guess we’ll find out tomorrow!

    Great poem! And the title fits it perfectly!

  2. I voted over there and if you can believe this one of those limericks is mine LOL Can you stand it? Great poem Q 🙂

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