14 thoughts on “And the Tenebrous Tuesday Winners are …

  1. Did you buy one ? they look so beautiful !
    I am back from the French Riviera where I was invited by my Blogfriend Claudie, it was wonderful. I really felt home it looks so much like Italy and the people are so cheerful and friendly. Now we became real friends in flesh and blood, lol !

  2. .
    These are fun, Quilly! 🙂
    Of course it was basket, pretty ones. So many had already guessed baskets before I got here. So I picked another wicker item for variety.
    Just wanted you to know my reasoning.

  3. Congrats to the winnners… I’m glad I was half right anyway…They’re certainly pretty, tho I don’t have the decor to have them just now…. I’ve seen the Navajo’s weaving baskets similiar to these… wish I could afford them…

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