April 14th & 15th ~ Poetry Playing

April 14th

Sven, Saved

Sven sailed the seven seas
to see what he could seize.
Sven sailed a silver ship
that traveled with the breeze.
Silver sails swelling
swiftly sailed the ship,
to the shores of Sicily
oh what a perilous trip.
Sven spied upon the silver shore,
a supple maiden fair,
with stunning curves, a glistening tail,
and sunshine in her hair.
Sven said to seven sailors,
I want her for my mate,
The seven sailors quarreled,
all clearly quite irate.
Surely the sensuous siren,
whose name they knew was Cheryl,
would claim the captain, steal the ship,
and sink them in a barrel.
The sailors chose to disobey.
The captain they did seize.
They set the sails and sailed away
upon the seven seas.


Poetry Playing: Day 14
prompt: audio poem


April 15th


The man in the moon
chases starlight through the pines.
And on the back porch
I sit in my rocker.


Poetry Playing: Day 15
prompt: the man in the moon

It’s National Poetry month. Write a poem — or two!

Limerick Contest Winner Announced

Nope, I’m not telling you who won. You’ll have to check that out for yourself over at Poetry Playing. However, while you’re checking, why don’t you pick up today’s prompt and write a poem? It’s National Poetry Month, you know.

Here is the limerick I entered in the contest:

There was an Old Man of Limerick
Who chastised his wife with a walking stick.
Though usually sedate,
His wife, quite irate,
Capped the old man with a paving brick.