How I’m Feeling Right Now

The main water pipe to my house broke. Emergency weekend maintenance cobbled it together so I have house water — but no feed to the swamp cooler. It is currently 9:20 p.m. and 101* — the cats and I are wasted.

Plus, I somehow trashed my blog while trying to add a link — and now am here rebuilding the whole thing. Whew!

Great day — NOT!

10 thoughts on “How I’m Feeling Right Now

  1. It isn’t quite that hot here in Michigan, but hot enough that I can sympathize. It was still 80 degrees outside when I left work at just past midnight. That’s sort of unusual for us. Of course here, its usually very humind any time its warm out – so you feel all sticky and miserable. Hope things get straightened out for you soon!

  2. Rob — I am saved by the lack of humidity, but you should see how much water I’ve poured down Both the cats were panting, so I doused them in water. They didn’t like it much, but they’re breathing normally.

    I think we’ll all sleep in the bathtub tonight.

  3. Glad to see you got your weather girl back on the sidebar.
    And you changed the ‘humming bird’ drinking from the flower, for one on top of the page.

    We had dry hot air yesterday, almost couldn’t breathe!

    PS – I has to ‘laugh’ at the animation you put on (in) the post. I’d just been watching Alien Ressurrection (the film). lol!

  4. PS – If you want to install haloscan, it allows you to correct any errors on comments.

    Warning though! – if you install haloscan, you lose all your past blogger comments into cyberspace. As I found out.
    Plus you cannot insist on blogger identity or “word verification”.

    So if you are getting spam or unwanted visitors, and you like the profile pics of visitors, stay with blogger comments. Laters … Q

  5. Q — I’ll keep the comments as they are, thanks. As a rule they are more entertaining then my blog. Besides, what’s a mistake or two? Can’t get through life without them ….

    As for weathergirl — she’s quite happily telling me it is 104* and it is not yet 8 a.m. — and my air conditioner still awaits repair. Last night was miserable.

  6. Charlene I just read your profile:

    “I’m QuillDancer from The US. I believe in approaching life with humor. I mean, there’s no point in taking it too seriously, it’s not like we’re going to get out alive.”

    And then I saw the fires burning on your post, I’m sorry but …
    How do you expect me not to roll over laughing.

    Hope the cooling system comes back on soon, if not try tying fans to the cats tails, and get them to wag them like dogs

  7. Q — I really considered before changing my profile comment. I mean, sure we won’t leave Earth alive (although Hawkins suggests we put some effort into it), but our souls do not necessarily have to die.

    As to the flames — for 18 hours yesterday my home was hell.

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