Queen O’Mean

This post is for Jenn. In the comments on her blog, As I Was Passing, we were discussing the difference between a Drama Queen and a Drama Princess. After claiming to be a Drama Princess I went out into the world and showed my true colors by creating a bit of drama at WalMart. (Lord forgive me for even going there.) Picture this:

I walk to the electronics counter and tell Dude-Boy, the sales guy, I want to buy a digital camera. I tell him the make and model.

Dude-Boy, smiling brightly: “Oh, we don’t carry that.”

Me — dense –: “Yes you do. It is on your display shelf.”

Dude-Boy, shrugging, shaking his head, and still smiling: “Yeah, I know lady, but those cameras on the shelf aren’t actually the ones we have in stock.”

Me, head tipped forward, staring: “What a unique marketing idea. Was it yours?”

Dude-Boy, suddenly mute, makes guppy faces.

Several people in line behind me crack up as I saunter by barely resisting the urge to bow.

9 thoughts on “Queen O’Mean

  1. Fancy taking it out on the guppie on the till. Kind kind words – come free and go a long way to achieving more than ‘sharp’ words.

    Oh no! I’m being santimonious
    Gosh it looks even worse on print.
    Life they say is boring without drama & tragedy – and then –
    we are surprised when like a boomerang it returns and strikes us right in the face.

    Anyway. Have a great day! laters Q

  2. Q — you are absolutely right. I even debated not posting this because it doesn’t show me in a very good light — but guess what, I’m human. I have my days and this was one of them. I have moments when I am the Queen O’Mean.

  3. It might have been mean, but some times things just don’t make since.
    I don’t remember which store I was in but we wanted an item and they had only the display item left. They would not sell us that item.

  4. Folks, this is my niece, Brooke — I pay her to dsay nice things about me ….

    I doubt Dude-Boy found me in the least bit witty or humorous. Poor litle minimum wage fella was likely just following orders.

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