4 thoughts on “Deadline Looms.

  1. Uggghhhh… QD, I really wanted to participate in this. I have TRIED! I have started writing 3 times … and they have all just ended up JUNK! I just can’t come up with a GOOD lie about how we met! DAng! If I get a spurt of genious at the very last minute I’ll let ya know! I can’t WAIT to read the others… surely SOMEbody had some good ideas!

  2. Hi Quilldancer, I’ve read the stories. They are all imaginatively amusing, and I would be hard put to choose the funniest among the entries. Personal preference could inordinately influence my selection. Since the prize is so coveted, I feel it would be unfair of me to choose one above the others. However if there is a multiple panel of judges (ie: 3 or more) I could be persuaded to cast my vote and nominate my top three choices for humour as well as lack of veracity. However it is always hard to distinguish between which is the greater degree of falsehood.

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