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Shell Shocked

Last night:
Photobucket* has deleted my account and in doing so destroyed my beautiful blog. All the images that created it are gone.

This morning:
I’m baaaaack! My account is still locked, but my template seems to be working again — I have an email in to Photobucket, hopefully this will be straightened out soon. If not, Pixie, who made my template assures me she can recreate it.

Ilona, I love you for offering to host the images. I do have the most incredible friends!

*My apologies to Flickr, an innocent bystander who got blamed for my plight even though PHOTOBUCKET was emblazoned across my site a gazillion times. Hysteria does things like that to me.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. You had such a lovely blog and the colors were nice, isn’t there any way you can get your template back.

    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I still feel like an Old Fart, Glad the Edsel remark made you laugh.


    I am not a big fan of Lexmark, especially the all in one kinds. I prefer buying HP products myself.

  2. Eeeeeee!

    Okay if you get it back, let me know and I will host it on my site! That way it won’t get deleted. Hopefully.

  3. it was probably the amount of traffic you get… Flickr is free hosting but they only allow you a certain amount of bandwidth a month and you get alot of traffic… they might not have deleted your account, just suspended your hosting till next month

  4. You are all kind and wonderful. I could not ask for better friends.

    That said — ahem — Q, are you aware that you just insulted my incomparably beautiful, customed designed to my specifications, blog?

    The template you loved is free and readily available to any Tom, Dick or Q on the net at

  5. I know, I know
    That’s why I removed the comment I made this morning where I praised most effusively your new design.
    Not realising of course that what had happened was that you had ‘temporarily’ lost your preferred choice of template.

    Life plays humorous tricks like that sometimes. It’s all a trick of the light really.

    Personal choice is everything. I would no more choose a dress for you, than choose how to dress your site. You wear what you are comfortable & happy in. I know i do.

    Have a nice Sunday

  6. Okay, Q, your response is reasonable, so you are forgiven. (Actually, I figured that you did not realize my trauma. But I couldn’t resist giving you a bad time.)

  7. Nice to see you got your template back, I don’t what I’d do if I lost all my templates I customized.

    This is why I backed up my customizations (Is this a Word ??) to my computer on the off Chance Blogger has a major meltdown, I will still have the templates.

    Must get ready for church, this is the first one in 6 Sundays that I can attend.

  8. I am glad you got your printer to work again.

    I really feel I did not win because Betty voted for me she is the real winner on this contest. I plan to give my acceptance speech on my blog this week.

    Just curious though, which lie story did you personnally like the best? I liked the moon space one.

  9. Bill — I still am not certin that I have my blog back — the background is working again, but photobucket says my account does not exist. I cannot log in and a search pulls up none of my pictures. I sent them an email. I hope they answer on Monday.

    I have a copy of my template, but every image you see here had to be housed somewhere and my machine doesn’t have the memory for that. I needed a host. I chose Photobucket.

    Lori — soon to be revealed, I promise.

  10. I also have websites where your images could be housed. If you need me I am here. I also have a copy of your orginal logo I used for the magnet.

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