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Not to Brag ….

O’Ceallaigh started this over at his place, so you might want to read his post first:

One day awhile back, OC was griping about the faults of Blogger, and he threatened to move to WordPress. I was fed up with Blogger, so I acted on his threat and moved. Boy am I glad I did. This site has given me very few technical fits. The problems I’ve had were my own fault — and tech helped me quickly and kindly anyway.

Most of the user features here are better, too. I am happy. The few things I lost — like my custom template — don’t equal what I’ve gained in ease of use. Besides which, switching from old Blogger to new Blogger, one loses many archived comments. Switching from old Blogger to WordPress, one loses nothing. All my posts and all my comments came with me — links still intact. WordPress rocks!

I have also gained blog hits since coming here. On an average day at Blogger I got around 60 hits. On an average day at WordPress I get 180. Well, 183.8, but who’s counting? Oh, wait! OC is. He’s tabulating counting and whingeing whining.

Please, click here and give OC’s statistics counter a palpitation thrill. And who knows, maybe it’ll make him a little less atrabilious morose, too — especially if you leave him a elucidation comment.

(But just in case supposing it doesn’t miscarries, OC, go back reverse and read peruse my first initial sentence passage again afresh. :* )

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. I am first. i am first…….and I could have used this kinda post two days ago. I switched to new blogger and my comment section has gone through a lot of trouble since then. Some comments dissapear, others become anonymous……*shakes head and goes to give OC a visit*

  2. I just couldn’t bear the template change. Regrets, I have a few.

    But some sonofabi*** took “” Oooh that ticked me off.

  3. Doug — you couldn’t bear the template change? I could make a template almost like yours here — my blogger template is history, and it was cu$tom made! Somethings are worth letting go.

    I understand the bitterbierce thing — especially since he doesn’t even use the site!

  4. Thrilled you are happy with the move. You do have a lot of visitors and it is understandable you would not want to lose those comments. I have been absent do to helping someone with staffing…only surposed to be a few hours but I am a person who is unable to leave until a job is completed…never is complete…it is! Hopefully things will level off soon and I can get back to my writing. Enjoy your new web site. As a P.S. I enjoy your original input on the page, the other was good but not fully you. Love from New England!

  5. NOW ya tell me! AFTER all my comments got turned to “anonymous”!!! Now I HAVE to head over to OC’s to see what in the world has messed up your manner of speech! LOL!

  6. Pauline — I wondered why your poems were so far between! And this new template is less cluttered and doesn’t distract from my own brilliance! [said with complete modesty, of course.]

    Melli — that’s what hanging out with a scientist does to a gal. He’s messed up my speech patterns, my sleep patterns and made me appreciate the telephone — from clear across the continent. I wonder what havoc he could wreck if we were able to spend a sustained amount of time together?

  7. You really got him gooood!
    I just switched over to New Blogger. I noticed that many previous comments were changed to being from anonymous instead of who they were actually left by.
    I’m glad you are enjoying WordPress and enjoying rubbing OC’s nose in it. 🙂

  8. Jamie Dawn, I take it that you did not read OC’s post? He also switched to WordPress. I was mocking him for something else entirely, and I’m thinking you might be missing a couple of vital pieces of information. Read my response to Melli.

  9. One day, I will take a keen interest in individualizing my blogpage a bit. I’m so frozen in New Blogger that I haven’t even bothered checking into customizing the template. WordPress does seem amazingly free of the snags that Blogger gets caught up in.

    Good luck in your new home.

  10. Now you have scared me. I love every comment. I don’t want to lose any. When the day comes that I have to go to new blogger I will go to Word Press.

  11. G — careful — a body can waste way too much time tweaking their template. Beter just to blog.

    Dr. John — don’t wait too long. I understand blogger has been locking people out of their accounts, and won’t let them back in until they change.

  12. I’m glad you are so pleased with your wordpress account. I personally think that ANYTHING would be better than blogger!

    Stop picking on OC.

  13. I don’t have a moments regret about moving to wordpress. Even though I kept my blogger account…I think I have seperation anxiety or something.

  14. Jackie — Blogger was a _____, well, you know.

    Kat — I kept my blogger account. I still comment on blogger blogs that require a blogger login. Plus about 10 people a day come to me through my old blog. I don’t know if it’s my friends too lazy to change the link, or new folk — but all are welcome. Plus, I can’t bear to delete that beautiful template!

  15. I was wondering how come a link somebody made to an old post of mine wasn’t showing up on my blog stats. Then I realized – the link was to the old Blogger blog! Wouldn’t want to disappoint my readers …

    Speaking of which – I think I’ve solved my “hits” problem. From now on, it’s all Quilly, all the time.


  16. Not lazy, just slow…….with change. So I go to the old link first.

    I still like blogger, but then I am loyal type person, I put up with a lot from people too. haha And I still have the pesky dog that I never wanted and I have owned for five years now, and believe me, HE is problems. Give me a cat anyday……

    I wondered when you said a sunbeam put you to sleep, I thought you were saying you had a seizure………then I realized you were a little “tongue in cheek”. haha

  17. OC — nice to know I have value. Thanks. Can I have a hanky with that kiss?

    Nea — loyality is good, as long as it serves a purpose and benfits both parties. If blogger does it for you, by all means stay there – -that leaves more room on WordPress for us!

    Polona — I feared losing my friends — most of them made the cyber jump just fine — all the ones who really mattered anyway. Other than that, see my answer to Nea.

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