Tuesday Update

As I mentioned last Tuesday, I am taking the Curves Weight Loss Challenge class. Following their diet I went from losing 3-5 pounds a week, to losing just one. With that thought in mind I dropped the diet — though I stayed in the class — and went back to eating my way. This week I lost another three pounds. My way works for me.

I eat whatever I please. I just eat it in moderation. For instance, I took three days to eat a bag of M&M’s, instead of eating three bags of M&M’s in one day. The other day my friend and I went to Arby’s for lunch. I ordered the turkey club, but tossed most of the bread as I ate. I also ordered curly fries. There is no way I am going to Arby’s without having curly fries dipped in Horsey Sauce — so, when they handed me my tray, I grabbed a huge handful of those fries and dumped them in the garbage on the way past. No way I can eat what isn’t on my plate.

Ignore all that guilt your mom piled on you about having to clean your plate. All that food you’re wasting could feed a third world nation! First off, no, it couldn’t, because the abundance is in my country, and there is no way for them to access it.  Secondly, how is my being fat going to prevent someone else from starving? Think about it.

Next week we weight and measure. Stay tuned.

20 thoughts on “Tuesday Update

  1. That’s the way to loose, find what works for you. It sounds a lot like the Gwen (whats-her-name) diet, you know, Out of the Dessert or something? It was going around in the Methodist Churches around here a while back. But she did that, eat what you want; but only eat if you’re truly hungry and in moderation.

    Good point on the mom guilt thing. lol

  2. YAY YOU!!! And you are sO right! The best discovery I ever made was that I don’t HAVE to ORDER fries with that! I’m not a big fan of the french fry … but I always ATE them — because they were there? Now I go to Arbys – I order a beef n cheddar – no sauce (the way I like it) and a medium diet pepsi! That’s all I need! It’s all I want…. However… there is ONE place I DO like the fries — and that is our Tuesday night trivia restaurant — so I still order them — and I eat them with sour creme – just the way I like! But I take my own low fat sour creme, and I only eat HALF the fries! Portion control — my way! You are doing GREAT Quilly!!!! I’m sO proud of you!

  3. Nessa — thanks! I am just doing what is comfortable. If I resent what I’m doing, it won’t work for sure.

    OC — although you made some attempt to camouflage it, that sounded suspiciously like, “I told you so.” 😀 I know you did, but I just wasn’t ready to trust myself. :*

    Melli — anymore most french fries seem way too greasy to me, but I do like the fries at In-n-Out (fresh peeled and cut potatoes) and Arby’s Curly Fries. I just don’t visit those places often. I save them for treats.

    More than what we eat, portion control is the big thing. Most people don’t know they can get by with so much less, and still not feel hungry.

  4. You’re so right, Quilly, doing it your way, no matter how unconventional, is the wisest path (providing you’re not using food irrationally to start with). Restaurant portions are often ridiculous. And exercise can make all the difference. I happened on the intuitive eating site some time ago, which really just confirmed what I already knew.

  5. Joe — that’s a great site! Thanks! I developed this same philosophy by myself with lots of thought, trial and error — and here it was all the time. I always do things the hard way!

  6. I’ve tried different diets, too and it never seems to work for me, cutting out all of this, counting points or calories, etc… So, I came up with my own plan. I allowed myself to eat five things per day ( a sandwich counts as one, a helping of spaghetti counts as one…) I lost 30 pounds in a very short time on it. And I did not have to deprive myself of anything I love to eat either. And I did not suffer from being hungry all the time. I do the same thing you do with the fast food- eat a few of the fries and toss the rest. I never miss the ones I don’t eat. You’re right- moderation is the best way. Good luck on your weigh in!

  7. Cindy — we weigh in every Tuesday — what I am anxious for is that tape measure. My body feels different. I want to know how different. What I need is someone who hasn’t seen me in a while. Those who see me everyday don’t notice a difference.

  8. I suppose that if people are REALLY worried about wasting food they could stock pile it, and pawn it off on the first homeless person they see on the street…

    But yeah, that’s an excellent idea of getting rid of some of the food before even sitting down. And if you are at a nicer resturant there’s always the option of asking for a doggie bag before even eating and automatically put half (or more!) of the meal in the box they supply so you aren’t even tempted to eat more than a portion.

  9. WHAT?! I like totally posted on this one. I know I did. Hmmmm…… Trickery is afoot. Now I will have to remember what I said. In any case, I will do it in a most gingerly fashion.

  10. Firefox, Schmirefox! I reloaded this page two times to get the picture to come back up and it didn’t. HMPF!

    But I am going to stick with it for a while. I will do as I am told. Yes’um.

  11. Gawpo — I think you meant to post this on the graphic in the post above. Don’t go blaming your mistakes on Firefox! You are a riot. Also — you did post on the Fred & Ginger graphic — at Bazza’s — I stole it from him!

  12. How great that you found what works for you! I think we are all different – and finding what works for us, individually, is the answer. Happy for you.

  13. With regard to your “eat what’s on your plate” guilt trip hangover, I finally see the other side of it.

    I’ve become determined to get Elijah to finish his servings. Admittedly, I try and judge his hunger beforehand, and only give him what I think he can eat, but all of the stress of trying to get him to put on weight has led me to almost obsess over his intake of food.

    I wonder how many mothers have retained the obsession well after their child learns to feed themselves?

  14. Mumma — I suppose it is different when you are working with someone who can’t make their own good choices.

    Polona — yes — Somewhere Joe sent a link to a great site all about that! It is in the comments above.

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