8 thoughts on “And Still It Rains

  1. ROFL! Quilly – thank you! THANK you! That gave me AND MOM a good laugh this morning! Something she REMEMBERS!!! I think God sent you! 🙂

  2. Mumma — the post office will not let me mail pails of water. Sorry.

    Melli — anything to bring a smile ….

    Bill — any comment is a good comment, even one in the wrong place …

    Dr. John — it’s on hold for the winter.

    Doug — I’d never heard this until OC said something about it a year ago. My fav will always be, Chicken Heart.

  3. I still love that bit. Cosby is one of my all time favorites. Houston could have used an ark a few years ago when tropical storm Allison hit and refused to leave.

  4. Jill — I really thought we were going to need one, but the sun came out and so far we’ve been 24 hours rain-free — and our usually brown hills are a glorious green!

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