Mobile Home

I am never too tired to stop and take a photo.  OC found this fella traveling the sidewalk about 11 p.m. one evening and called me outside. “Bring your camera,” he said, and any protest I might have made about tromping down three flights of stairs when I’d much rather crawl into bed disappated.  This is what my camera and I found at the bottom of the stairs:

HAve Home, Will Travel

Have Home, Will Travel

19 thoughts on “Mobile Home

  1. Nice picture, you have a really good camera for this is wonderful clarity and depth.

    It would take the little fellow a long time to tour the world. Though his world is big enough.

    A Blessed Sunday is wished for you and OC

  2. Amber — thanks!

    Carletta — I was rather proud of how well the photos came out since I was shooting by porch light.

    Jeanette — that is the plus side to my being overly tired — I am also at my wackiest and most creative.

    Bill — OC says the snail can crawl about an inch a minute or about 5 feet per hour.

    Cath — that it was.

    Dr. John — wow! Thanks.

    Doug — actually, according to my school mates, I have four eyes.

    Andrew — I am glad you approve.

    Brian — your comment is profetic — coming soon to my photo blog (a link can be found in the left hand column) is a photo I took of our Governor.

    Brig — he wasn’t much of a taker, though.

    OC — next time you find one, you can cook and eat it. I’ll watch.

  3. okay so your significant other saw

    a snail

    and immediately thought

    you should take a picture.

    i’d talk about how strange that is, but i have ABsolutely NO credibility to talk about strangeness with.

    so your good to go.

    nice snail… 😉

  4. Wow, Quilly this is yet another fantastic photo by you. Funny isn’t it how you would complain about going out … until you hear “bring your camera”, then all complaints and weariness are gone, hahaha.

    Have a wonderful week!!

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