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On Sunday morning he woke her.

She, rubbed her eyes and mumbled: “What time is it?”

He, bright and smiling, said: “Eight-thirty.”

She: “Wow!  Why did you let me sleep so late?”

He, over his shoulder as he left the room: “Well, it was after one a.m. when you came to bed.”

She called after him: “And I was still sleeping very soundly when you woke me!”

He stuck his head back in the room and said dryly:  “Yes. You were.”


  1. oh my it has been a few handful of days since I have visited. You have been re-constructing your site. Lots of color and it looks nice.

  2. Melli — for which one of us? Me, so OC can’t wake me? Or OC so he can sleep through my alleged snorings?

    Juliana — I really don’t mind so much when OC wakes me. As a rule if I wish I can just drop back to sleep.

    Jules — You missed much. I’ll have it all up soon.

    David — OC is my alarm clock. If he doesn’t wake me, I sleep.

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