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The Christmas Song Contest

Can you identify the following Christmas Songs?

  1. prepare him room
  2. Christ the Lord
  3. is for three wise men
  4. yuletide carols being sung
  5. the ox and lamb
  6. and friends are calling
  7. call him names
  8. greetings that we send to you
  9. on a cold winter’s night
  10. placed it on his head
  11. and children listen
  12. all for the little ones
  13. tell me if you can
  14. Happy New Year, too
  15. triumph of the skies
  16. was born on Christmas day
  17. lay down his sweet head
  18. our gay apparel
  19. hopes and fears
  20. making spirits bright
  21. till he appeared
  22. later on we’ll conspire
  23. good tidings we bring
  24. singing o’er the plain
  25. goodness sake
  26. there’s a feeling of Christmas
  27. please have snow, and mistletoe
  28. peace on earth
  29. underneath the mistletoe
  30. but as for me and grandpa, we believe

I-10 correct Lighten up, Scrooge, it’s Christmas time!

11-20 correct Your Christmas Spirit is alive and well.

21-30 correct Obviously you’ve been in the lines at the mall way too long.  Go home!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Hmmmm,there is no caption for 0 correct huh? What would it say? “Have you been living on Mars?” Or um … in Belgium perhaps!! Heehee! I’m sure if I heard them I would sing along(with some of them anyway)
    I wish you and OC a very merry Christmas Quilly!

  2. Oy! Obviously I’ve been in line too long! I know all but two! (and I probably know them… I just can’t THINK cuz my head’s all stuffed with MUCK… ew YUCK!)


  3. Rather than embarrassing myself with how many I couldn’t come up with the title for, I will simply say, Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. I got most of the songs, had to sing them in my head, Who can forget “Grandma Got Run Over By A Raindeer”?

    Merry Christmas Kid

  5. Merry Christmas Quilly!
    I love Christmas music…love it like crazy. My faves though are those that I remember from the Psalter Hymnal and all the church and school programs.
    This was a cool post…I’m merrily singing along, thanks!

  6. Gattina — If I changed them to French you would probably know many more. But, alas, I do not speak French.

    Jientje — I should have known better than to post this. Too many of my favorite people speak English as a second (or third, or fourth) language.

    Melli — I am sorry you have a Christmas cold! And there is one song in this line up I don’t recall ever hearing!

    Jeff — I see you are one of the wise men.

    Bill — that’s one of my favorites!

    Juliana — has Slovenia never heard of Ruldolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

    Shelly — keep it to play at your next Christmas Party — I got this from a like gathering.

    Amber — Merry Christmas to you!

    Dr. John — well, it comes from all those years spent in church — or maybe just all those years 😉 — and I am not about to tell anybody they have spent too long in church!

  7. So I’m thinking of this list while the strains of last-minute Christmas begging singing waft over and around and through me … and these lines hit the fan:

    A child, a child, shivers in the cold
    Let us bring him silver and gold

    Hmm .. what’s wrong with this picture, eh? Songster needs a rhyme, how ’bout:

    Let us bring him matches and coal

    Puts a new perspective on “coal in the stocking”. Especially this year …

    Bring somebody good (and perhaps warm) cheer this season.

  8. Not even going to hazard a guess as brain is gently turning to mush! A very happy Christmas to you Quilly and to O’C and a peaceful and blessed New Year….

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