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Encroaching On Our Territory

I went out to Makaha today.  It is time for us to finish cleaning the condo and turn the keys in to the Realtor.  I took some cleaning supplies, gathered my friend and …. we discovered that the condo was inhabited.  Squatters.  OC has been paying the rent.  They have been living there fancy free.

I killed two of them.  Stomped on one and squished another with a paper towel.  Then my friend and I charged to the hardware store (after a brief stop at Mexican Restaurant for lunch — killing makes a body hungry!) and bought three bug bombs.

Next time I go out to Makaha, I’ll have a lot of carcasses to clean up, but that is much preferable to all those live roaches!


  1. At least you care enough to do that. I’ve had to “bomb” places before we moved in and found quite a few enemies. The war goes on.

  2. You know what else they say will never die? Rock ‘n’ roll, of course. Which means they need … (wait for it) …

    Rock coaches!

    I’m beginning to understand where they come from. And why they all carry roach clips.


  3. Don’t you have people who clean up after you?
    Big time killers have people who take care of these things.
    If you plan to keep on killing, you may want to look into that. I’m told some people do a really good job for a minimal fee.

  4. yeuchhhh

    just yeuchhhhhh

    we don’t get many roaches in the UK…..kind of freaky to me…. so


    (I am of very feeble constitution, it must be said)

  5. thank you. thank you thank you thank you. i was having SEVERE hawaii home-sickness today.

    this is the kind of thing that breaks that spell.

  6. Funny, same issues different species. Micky and Minnie have moved into our attic and they like to partayyy at night while I’m trying to go to sleep. I’ve set out bait, sticky traps, snappy traps…and they sidestep all of it…grrrrrr.

  7. Awww. Reminds me of my old house I left behind. Ant infestation followed by spider infestation, followed by ladybug swarms, followed by mouse infestations. You know it’s bad when you look forward to the ants. I would use bug bombs, but it makes me sad when the mice scoff at me.

  8. Jientje — it’s a small condo. Two might have done, but I wanted to be sure …

    Jill — we paid a hefty deposit and want it back!

    Melli — you could have joined my friend and run from the room shrieking.

    Gattina — muhahahaha!

    Thom — roaches are the oldest living creatures on the planet. They’ll out live us all.

    Amoeba — my love, you make a great part-time comedian — as in you’re funny part of the time.

    JD — I expended my entire budget for this job on weapons. I’ll have to do the clean up myself.

    Alastair — I’d be willing to mail you a box full ….

    Juliana — despite what the photography instructor said last night, there ARE some things that just aren’t photogenic.

    Holly — anytime.

    Dr. John — when speaking of my place in Vegas, OC said he didn’t think I should try quite so zealously to kill all the roaches, because he thought they were the only thing holding the walls up.

    Silver — you’re in good company here. It seems we all do!

    If they’re not going to the peanut butter traps — how about trying a CAT!

    Lisa — Three Blind Mice, Three Blind Mice, see how they … laugh?

  9. Careful Quilly going around on that Killing Spree or the next thing you’ll be hearing is “Book her Danno”

    Oh, the questions are up and answered on the Blog.

    I think you will be surprised.

  10. ooh yuk
    I first encountered cockroaches when I attended university.
    Creeped me out when I had an insomniac attack to go to the kitchen and seem gathering (we’re talking major numbers here) in front of their “roach motels.”
    Hope you eradicated them!

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