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  1. Wonderful. I must say also I’ve never seen a mail box post like that but the one you found is great. Excellent work Quilly, yet again

  2. Hootin’ Annie — me, too — that’s why I noticed it.

    Barbara — neither had I, which is weird since it is in the neighbor’s front yard! It is interesting the things I’ve suddenly noticed since looking with “new eyes” for alphabet letters.

    Melli — I think its a “grass is greener” thing, because I liked yours much better — but Carletta’s were AWESOME!

    Doug — gee whiz! Thanks.

    Thom — read the comment for Barbara, above. I wonder whatelse I’ve not noticed ….

    Nicole — I expected to, and found it so fast I kept looking at the camera to make certain it was real!

  3. The part of the G under the mailbox would have been hard to spot by any means – good find!

    Love the ‘h’!
    Is that a Kenmore washer? Looks like the one I gave my daughter when I moved and got a new one. Some of the best I’ve ever had.

  4. Carletta — luckily, we live at the base of a hill, and the neighbor’s place is just enough higher than ours that seeing the bottom of the G was no problem.

    Oh! And the Washer and Drier are from Whirlpool. The “h” was backward so I flipped the pic. Look at the labels on the soap and you can tell.

  5. Really great, Quilly. I had a challenge seeing the h. I was looking of a capital H,and it turned out to be a small h. Way to go.

  6. Polona — thank you. Mine seem kind of mundane next to everyone else’s.

    Dr. John — you try living with OC for awhile. Your perspectives will change!

    Nessa — why aren’t you playing?

    VE — welcome. I didn’t ask the mailbox its nationality, but the soil is Hawiian and the home owners are Japanese.

    Alice — I knew if I didn’t trace the h someone would have trouble seeing it.

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