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Raven’s Wordzzle Week #50

Wordzzles are little Word Puzzles gifted to us weekly by Raven at Views From Raven’s Nest.  Raven presents these puzzles in the form of lists, which we must unravel and expand into a story.  This week, pressed for time, I bundled all the words together and used them in one short (mega) story.

Raven chose the words — phrases actually — for this 5oth Wordzzle from the blog names and/or taglines of her regular players.   I am honored to be included in such a talented group of bloggers.

So, without further ado —

The Scavenger Hunt

Nonsense is ubiquitous and insanity prevails in the Fortress at Pigeon Falls.  Today the Freemasons are having a scavenger hunt.  I asked, “What are they supposed to be finding, Pam?”  She said, “They seem to be after everything and nothing!  It’s a wild goose chase.”  “Oh,” I said while peeking again into the envelope I’d found under the cherry tree, “Are you sure they’re not looking for plane tickets?”

Just then one of the Freemasons yelled, “Do you see what I see?“  He pointed at a raven’s nest and a guy wearing a t-shirt bearing the slogan, It’s all about bloggers, climbed to the top of the cherry tree and grabbed the nest.  He carried it to the ground and they tore it apart.

Then everybody started talking and yelling and carrying on so much that even though I tried really (well, sort of) hard, I wasn’t getting a word in edgewise, so I just got in my car and drove away.  There might have been a bit of a smile on my face.  This grandmother of five is working at shortening the distance between herself and a calm. blue, Pacific Paradise.


  1. Your story telling talent is certainly on display today. I had to run downstairs to be sure my Freemasons hadn’t torn down the old Raven’s nest.
    But you did give us a happy ending.

  2. Akelamalu — having never been a mother, I’m not a grandmother, but I amcrafty!

    Dr. John — I love a happy ending.

    Doug — works just like the old way!

    Jeff — I wondered that myself. I guess it wasn’t an all-around happy ending. Come to think of it, the Freemasons probably weren’t too thrilled, either …..

    Raven — thank you — it just sort of skipped right off my keyboard.

    Rich — you make a great fan.

    Betty — and now you’re taking after me and posting “to be continued” at the botom of your stories!

    Bill — thank you.

    Juliana — I’m glad you liked it.

    Dianne — thank you.

    David — I’ll have you know that I didn’t execute any one!

  3. Great writing, as always, Quilly. You left me wondering what they found in that raven’s nest, but your character drove away, so won’t be telling us next week. Guess I’ll just have to conjure something up in my own mind… sigh.

  4. YAY! Good job! I really wanted to play Wordzzle this week – with all the blog titles — but I just did NOT have time! You did great!

  5. Alice — read the story again. Pay special attention to this line: “Oh,” I said while peeking again into the envelope I’d found under the cherry tree, “Are you sure they’re not looking for plane tickets?”

    Carletta — thank you.

    Jientje — I’ve been doing it all my life. It is a love OC and I share.

    Melli — I am missing you. I think you have gotten too much of a life! (LOL! I love you and am glad you are having such fun.)

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