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Punny Monday #13

What plural noun does this photo represent? EMAIL your answers and leave a comment designed to either help or confuse your fellow game players.

The first contestant to EMAIL me the right answer wins a featured link in my blog which will display until next Monday when we’ll play this little game again. Enjoy.

PLEASE, do not write your guess in the comments. It spoils the game for the other players. Your guesses will be shared when the game ends.


March 30th, 2009, o3:12 a.m. — Melli — Glass Slippers!
March 30th, 2009, o4:46 a.m. — Mar — Glass Slippers!
March 30th, 2009, o4:47 a.m. — Carletta — Glass Slippers!
March 30th, 2009, o5:20 a.m. — Thom — Glass Slippers!
March 30th, 2009, o6:00 a.m. — Shelly — Glass Slippers!

Runners Up

March 30th, 2009,01:38 a.m. — Jane — Loafers

Whacky Wild Guessers!

March 30th, 2009,01:37 a.m. — Betty — wet feet


  1. Nope, I didn’t guess that!! I was thinking “meat loaves,” but knew that couldn’t be it. I was trying to get something about soaking or loafing in there and it wasn’t working.

    Now I am wondering how you are going to bake anything in those pans after feet have been in them. 🙂 But I guess if I feel our “barf bucket” pan is ok to use for food after a dishwashing cycle, then loaf pans would be also after feet have been in them.

    Congrats to Melli and the others who guessed correctly!

  2. Barbara — nice of you to sit this one out. Would you have won again?

    Jane — are you out of touch with the classic fairy tales? That’s probably a good thing!

    Mar — indeed.

    Melli — Windy is mighty big then, cuz she’s still blowing here!

    Carletta — I think they set their alarm clocks! 😉

    Thom — and OC didn’t even make any cracks about me being half-baked!

    Doug — I am a Spring Chicken!

    Shelly — congrats!

    Jules — that’s the way it goes!

    Jane — LOL! You’re either on, or waaaay off, but I really loved your answer!

    Barbara — I asked OC if he wanted to to wash the loaf pans before I put them away and he said, “Twice!”

    Mar — thanks. I’m not Cinderella though. Those pans weren’t big enough for my tootsies!

    Jientje — tsk! tsk! Didn’t you get the email?

    Thom — I was wondered how you’d take being right.

    Nessa — every little girl should have gotten that one!

    Carletta — not tonight. On Mondays I have hand bell choir and I seldom cook at all!

    Melli — It has been a long while since you’ve won.

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