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April 6th — A Poem A Day


You wander into
And out of
My life.
I wonder why I let you.
You leave on a wild whim,
And roam where you will
And do what you wish
With whomever you please.
I search for you, witless,
Scouring back alleys
And city streets
To no avail.
Then you weave your way home,
Weak and wretched,
And crawl into my bed.
Debauchery wafts from you.
You gaze at me with golden eyes
Knowing your wiles
Will win me over.
You nudge my hand,
Butt your head against my chin
And purr.
I welcome you home.


Poetic Asides, Day 6
Prompt: write about something missing


  1. What a wonderful poem! I missed my Punny Monday alert today but I am moving at such a sluggish pace I probably wouldn’t have played anyway.

    I admire you doing a poem a day. I thought about it but talked myself out of it.

  2. Our Puddy does the same thing with the butting her head under our chin and snuggling. She doesn’t roam anymore since the “wicked thing” got her. She has been confined to quarters ever since.

  3. ROFL… I sO relate to this one, having had cats most of my life. The one I have now is staying a total indoor cat as I refuse to loose any more animals to the highway here. She is a calico/tortoiseshell too, and I think her beautiful, though I must admit not as beautiful as the cat in your photo. Gorgeous!!

    I’ve been catching up with my reading here, so you will find several comments from me. I am grateful I took the time to come read… it was more than worth the time it took.

  4. Lol ! very nice, but :

    With all these poemes I have to read every day
    I became unable to speak in a normal way
    People don’t listen anymore to me
    Because they think I became crazy !

  5. Bill — not my cat — cat universal!

    Raven — don’t admire me until I succeed! I am wondering if I can keep it up!

    Amber — that’s how cats mark their territory — she is leaving her scent on you so other cats will know you are part of her clan.

    Nessa – -so’s your comment!

    Dr. John — thanks — I pulled this from my archives, too. I wrote it last summer.

    Jientje — she is actually feral. There is a colony of wild cats living on the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus. She hangs out around OC’s office.

    Melli — no — she’s a Hawaii lady.

    Minky — it is the nature of the beast.

    Betty – -some cats are.

    Barbara – -thank you.

    Alice — lately I have been very busy and you’ve not seen me at your place because I was reading, but not commenting. I know that sometimes other things come first.

    Gattina — that has the same theme as my April 2nd poem!

  6. Carletta — yes, I could have titled this, “Cat Universal,” because they do all seem to be a bit free in their roaming.

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