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April 11th — A Poem A Day

Once again, I visited my archives for the poem. Some of you know this. It is one of my favorites — if I can have a favorite among my own poems without sounding too immodest.

Enchanted Forest

Within this forest witches walk,
They cheat and steal and lie.
Cats are King and frogs can talk,
And boys and monkeys fly.

Within this green and leafy bower
by chance a prince and maid will meet.
He will be looking for a bride,
She’ll wear glass slippers on her feet.

Within this forest a maiden sighs
Locked in her ivory tower.
A handsome prince comes riding by
And saves her with love’s power.

Enchantments whisper on the breeze,
Escape the natural bonds of time;
They cling to roots and glisten on leaves,
Waking fairy tales and nursery rhyme.


Poetic Asides, Day 11
Prompt: write about a thing


  1. I dO love this poem!
    HAPPY EASTER Quilly & OC!

    I will have to come back this evening to read your wordzzle… am I really that far behind? I guess I am…

    Melli’s last blog post..HAPPY EASTER!!!

  2. Quilly, I just love your poem and the picture inspires the written words. Keep up the great writing. You inspire me sooooo! Happy Easter

    my crazy world’s last blog post..

  3. Barbara – -thank you!

    Cherie — very good, that’s just the way I wanted it read!

    Carletta — thank you.

    Andrew — try the on-line Rhyming Dictionary, and add a bit of rhythm – -which you must have, after all, you teach music!

    Bill — poor Walt — how he’s fallen.

    Melli — I posted my Wordzzle very, very late — but you’ve not yet come back, so yeah, I guess you’re that late.

    Jientje — that was my old Kodak camera, and my pictures often came out looking a bit more pink than seemed normal.

    Candace — I am glad to be an inspiration.

    Juliana — thank you, I love it.

    Dr. John — yeah, the frustration of not having time to write something decent!

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