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April 17 — A Poem A Day

All I Want

All I want
I could have lived without
Had the television set
And a fleet of advertisements
Not told me
I was missing it.


Poetic Asides, Day 17
Prompt: write a poem that begins with the words, All I Want

To my Friends:

I am sorry.   Wednesday night, the oil light came on in my car.  Thursday morning found me crawling into town in rush hour traffic to get to the repair garage.  Then I had to walk to the bus stop and make my way to work.  Once at work, I found my routine interrupted by everybody else’s crisis — which only I could fix.   So I worked like a dog all day yet my “in box” is still full.

Then I rushed home only to pick up OC so he could get to his concert — and we arrived ten minutes late so he had to sneak onto the stage between songs.  Luckily, he didn’t miss his trumpet solo.  After the concert, we were headed for food, when someone reminded OC that the other band was having a formal dress rehearsal for tonight’s concert.  That rehearsal lasted until 9:30 p.m. — me without a book to read.  Nothing to do but sit and wait — which I wouldn’t have done but the band leader kept saying, “We’ve got just one more measure to rehearse,” so we didn’t know when practice would really end, and why drive 15 miles back home only to U-turn?

Then we went to dinner.  I didn’t see my bed until after midnight.  The alarm woke me this morning and I am off to work — and to OC’s concert after and likely to dinner after that, and who knows when I will be in this chair again — or my bed.  Please be patient with me.  Sometimes my life gets like this, but the whirlwind never lasts long.


  1. hmmmm poor thing. Sounds like the life and times of one busy busy woman that doesn’t see her favorite bus driver when he comes up to the stop and even here her name being called out. But alas…I digress…keep your chin up and think positive. You being you will survive this and OC will play ya a great song tonight to ease your exhaustion. Well how can I speak for him. Maybe he wont. But there again…oh shut up Thom Laterz

    Thom’s last blog post..How Many Of Your Needs Are Being Met?

  2. Amoeba, my love, this is not patience. It is exhaustion.

    Barbara — yes. I thought I’d slip a lesson in with my daily verse.

    Thom — the was this bus driver downtown yesterday sitting in his driver’s seat at the bus stop and yelling, “Kelly! Kelly!” like some demented Brando wannabe. What was up with that, anyway? 😉

    OJM — I tried to write a poem about needing more time, but I didn’t have the time to come up with anything brilliant.

  3. well you are a true lady, alive, vibrant and busy with life doing things which you will remember with fondness one day.
    I know I still have a lot of memories to make but I also have many to look back onto. This exhaustion is a good exhaustion.:)
    Don’t stop 🙂

    A Lady’s Life’s last blog post..RIDDLE

  4. gosh, quilly, there’s no need to apologise. things happen and you are busy, period. the rest can wait. have fun, and have a good rest. then you can move on.

    i like th epoem, btw. there’s a moral somewhere in it

    juliana’s last blog post..I’ll follow the sun

  5. Sounds like you had quite a day. It actually sounds similar to following around the teens all day in zapping my energy.

    I really liked your poem. How true it is that I would be more content if the commercials didn’t tell me all the time that I was lacking.

    Blessings to you today. I do hope it is a better one.

  6. Oh! And I like your poem that I bet you couldn’t work on while you were waiting because you didn’t know the theme… but maybe. And I totally agree with it — all except for the commercials that told you you needed a computer and a camera! Cuz those you do!

    Melli’s last blog post..Poem A Day – Day 17

  7. Lady — thanks!

    Juliana — now before a major purchasre I ask, “How will this impact my life?” And I consider if the expense is really a value — unlike the iPod which mostly sits on my desk.

    Doug — did you notice that I didn’t visit your site yesterday?

    Bill — thank you. Prayers are always appreciated.

    Nessa — OC says I can rest on Saturday.

    Jules — the teens will keep you young, and turn the TV off. No commercials!

    Melli — actually — I just went and did my LEslie Sansone one mile walk, and am energized from that. And I couldn’t work on the poem while I was waiting, but OC and I have had this discussion so many times, the poem pretty much wrote itself this morning. AND, (see my comment to Juliana; plus I didn’t choose that fancy camera. OC chose it for me because he thought my photography worth the investment. Others seem to agree.

    quilly’s last blog post..April 17 — A Poem A Day

  8. Oh, oil lights suck. I guess it would be worse if we didn’t have them because then our engines would explode, but I digress. I wasn’t here most of the week, and I don’t have nearly as good an excuse. But it still managed to fry my brain, so blogs were beyond my capacity. 🙂

    Cherie’s last blog post..Friday’s Fave Five

  9. Whew! Take a breath. Life does get hectic at times, and for some it is hectic ALL the time. I’m thankful to have breathers, and I know your pace of life will calm down.
    I’ve been busy, and I don’t mind it as long as I can have down time too.
    Too bad about the car. We’ve had a lot of car repairs in the past year, and it’s been a financial bummer!
    My hubby played trumpet all his life, but hasn’t played in the past several years. Trumpet players have great lips!
    I love the photo in your previous post, and the Jewels poem.
    I am sprinkling you with pixie dust right now, so you will have a good weekend.

    Jamie Dawn’s last blog post..Blog Church 2009 #10

  10. Cherie — this was an easy fix — oils change. It just want on my time schedule.

    Lisa — ha! Then stuff just piles up and I still have to do it later.

    JD — down time?

  11. I think that band leader deserves a good thwacking and the message that lies do not become him. One more measure, my left foot!

  12. Carletta — the day I realized how susceptible I am to advertising, is the day I turned the TV off and pretty much quite watching. That’s also when it become much easier to save money!

    Mumma — I don’t think he was lying. I think he was hoping. They were fearfully under-rehearsed because he’d been away on military duty for a month and there were no weekly rehearsals. However, the concert last night was worth the 2.5 hour rehearsal. They played grandly!

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