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April 25th — Poem A Day

Super Market

Grocery shopping I must go,
Got to get some food, you know.
Here’s a magazine. Here’s a book.
At the videos, I must look.
I simply must browse through the wine,
To sip upon while we dine.
Next stop — one of my favorite places,
Full of flowers and exotic vases.
One isle over I find cool toys,
To entertain both girls and boys.
Toothpaste, deodorant and some soap,
To keep me fresh and sweet, I hope.
At the check stand is the candy.
They put it there to keep it handy.
To the clerk, I chat real nice,
And ask her for a bag of ice.
I leave the store in a happy mood —
Yet to realize I’ve bought no food.


Poetic Asides, Day 25
Prompt: write a poem about an event


  1. Melli — I just made a shopping list and am about to head out. I predict I will still forget something, and I’ll come home with something not on the list.

  2. It seems no matter how I try, I always come home to find something I’ve forgotten or didn’t know we needed. And I always come home with more than was on my list, too.

    It is true the stores sell so much more than food now. No wonder we get distracted!!

    Barbara H.’s last blog post..Friday’s Fave Five

    1. I left mine right here beside my computer. You know what really boggles my mind about forgetting the milk? I remembered the cottage cheese and butter — which is right beside the milk!

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