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  1. Geee!!!! WOW!!!!!!

    Excellent Quilly. You know, I took a look at your pictures on Flickr this morning, the full screen slideshow. They’re excellent. You make very good pictures!!!

    Jientje’s last blog post..Fridays Fave Five,

    1. One of my coworkers asked me to take the photo of the flowers on another coworker’s desk. I love any excuse to play with my camera, so I quickly said YES!

    1. Thom — how did you know! And I just remembered that I said I was NEVER going to drink another cup of coffee you got me! Oh well. It tasted pretty good for monkey whiz!

    1. Thank you AND if that’s a riddle you’d best come back with the answer, because I certainly don’t know.

  2. Quilly- did you get a new camera? Beautiful photo! And it does indeed look like Iris is being swallowed alive.

    Cindy’s last blog post..

    1. Cindy — Nikon 40DX with two lenses, Nikon 18-55mm and a Nikon 55-200mm. And one 6 week (12 hour) class in how to make the camera take pretty pictures.

    1. It is very real. The glowing crystal effect is from all the tiny iridescent filaments all over the flower picking up the camera flash.

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