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Silent Blade by Ilona Andrews

While you’re sitting around impatiently waiting for book 4 in the Kate series, or book one in the Rose series, you could grab Ilona Andrew‘s short story, Silent Blade, and treat yourself to a futuristic world, a bit of romance, a bit of wisdom, a broken-heart, and a happy ending.  I read it yesterday, and enjoyed it so much, I read it again today.


  1. It’s a SHORT story. Although, it does have a couple thousand words, so it might take you weeks to read it ….

        1. Pfffft…sue…i’m not your typical type of person that thinks to sue for everything that happens from looking cross eyed at me to having a brick fall upon my head from a construction site 🙂

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  2. Or it would take me two months!! I can’t even catch up on my reading when I’m on holiday, how’s that? Never enough hours in day, not even for a short story!

    1. Barbara — I have to warn you it is urban fantasy and not exactly along the lines of what you’ve shown us so far of your bookshelf. Because of its subject matter, I may have never given Ilona’s writing a glance, if I didn’t actually know her.

    1. Melli — this one is different — less violence and more romance — than he normal fare. No weird beasties or vampires or shapeshifters or the like.

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