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This is my day!  I have been published at Associated Content again, and this time it’s a short story.  It’s one of my little memoir pieces and I know you all will love it.  Please go have a read.  If you feel so inclined you might also push the ratings buttons on the top of the post.  Please and thank you!

How to Tackle Fishing
Crawdads and Cows Optional


  1. Congrats! Love those crawdads…lobsters for landlubbers 😉
    Thanks for stopping by, you’re such an amazing commenter. How do you feel about the move to FH? Any regrets about giving up Hawaii? I cruised your blog for a post related to the move but didn’t spot one.
    Let’s go fishin’!
    .-= Shelly´s last blog ..The Party’s Over =-.

    1. Susan — the only thing I’ll miss of Hawaii is winter. The PNW is home and I am thrilled to return. AND, my official blog announcement was small and buried inside a larger post.

    1. Bill — I don’t know about the whole world, but a good measure of my friends — and Amoeba says one should consider praise from friends with a great deal of suspicion.

    1. SLM — I’m not certain anybody read that story that doesn’t already read my blog. Still, it was nice to know someone else was willing to grant sppace to my words.

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