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#Find Your Bliss!

Lose The Ugly, Find Your Bliss

5 Grand Prizes
50 Secondary Prizes

Some ugly I could happily lose.
Some ugly I could happily lose.

How would you like to win a brand new LG Bliss phone?  To enter the contest, simply photograph or video something you consider ugly and want to lose — people excluded, sorry .  Next, upload that photo or video into The Gallery of Utterly Ugly at LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page.

The Grand Prize is a brand new LG Bliss Phone.  The Secondary Prize is a $50.00 gift card (so you can purchase your own LG Bliss). The contest runs from 9/11/09 to 11/6/09.  Five Grand Prizes and fifty Secondary Prizes will be awarded.

Check out other people’s left behind uglies in The Gallery of the Utterly Ugly. You’ll see some horrific fashion; a few mutant machines; some totally ugly freaks of nature (okay, some of these uglies are so ugly they’re cute); and some rides so ugly they’d convince you walking is cool.

If you need a little help getting those creative juices flowing, be sure to check out the “Top 10 Uglies on the Web Today” in my left sidebar, then grab your camera and start clicking, what have you got to lose but ugly?    Go on now, find your Bliss.  Life’s Good!

Only one entry per Facebook Account allowed. You must be 18 or older to enter and win. Photos of people are not allowed. Ugly behavior such as violence, indecency, nudity or illegal activities will not be tolerated.


  1. Well, I’d leave a comment but I’m about to be very busy taking photos of my husband’s “Suzuki” (I think it used to be a car). Or, the big mess he’s made of our shed. Or his underpants, all of them.

    Hm. You said no people, right?

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