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Win Your Dream Kitchen

contestSome lucky Canadian resident is going to win a $32,000.00 kitchen makeover from Maple Leaf Foods. Alice, I know you will especially be interested in this! You can get a whole new kitchen to go with your lovely new flooring. Bill, you could move back to your hometown and set up your dream kitchen there.

Maple Leaf Foods, in celebration of their brand new website, Maple Leaf Market, is offering a complete kitchen makeover. One lucky winner is going to receive a $32,000.00 check for remodeling fees. Twelve other winners will each receive a Frigidaire® Refrigerator stocked with Maple Leaf® Prime™ frozen chicken. Everyone who enters the contest will receive a $500.00 rebate offer from Frigidaire®.

To enter the contest, simply follow the link above and enter your email address. You may enter the contest everyday between now and December 15th, 2009.  Please read the contest and rebate rules and regulations before entering.  Prizes will be awarded to Canadian residents only.

Once you’re at the Maple Leaf Market website, be certain to visit the butcher, the baker and the pasta maker.  You can also heck out the “Meals Made Easy” for some delicious pre-cooked meal choices — but I know my readers, and where you all really want to visit is to the recipe page!  I found a yummy sounding Greek Pizza there that Amoeba and I may be having for dinner soon.

If I had $32,000.00 to spend remodeling my kitchen, I’d have marble counter tops, a side-by-side refrigerator/freezer, double ovens and a Jenn-Air  cooktop — gas, of course.  What would your dream kitchen look like?  Answer in the comments, or make this your own personal meme and answer on your website — but link back here so we’ll know where to find you!



  1. If I won the Grand Prize I’d give it to my Sister, she could use a little bit of good news for a change. I rent and I don’t think Maple Leaf would let me use the money to move and use it for renovating in a new town. But one never knows.

    1. Bill — the Maple Leaf website clearly states they give you a check and it is up to you how you actually spend it. You live in Canada, you are eligible to win.

      1. I missed that on the site, Good to know that I can do with the winnings as I see how I want. Maybe have to make the trip to visit for the Homemade Chicken Soup when Noodles.

        I’ll bring the Crusty Buns (Rolls)

  2. Wow, a Hawaiian doing a post about a Canadian company contest – what are the odds?! 😉

    I would enter, but I’d feel like a hypocrite, given that I boycott anything to do with Maple Leaf foods. They are obviously doing some major fence mending/happy-face campaigning with this one, given the serious problems they’ve had the last couple of years with deadly listeria contaminated foods (which resulted in several deaths).

    I’ve boycotted them for much longer though, given their *horrendously bad* customer service. Just the thought of consuming anything made in their facilities makes me queasy.

    Missed your haiku today, Quilly! See, you’ve got me hooked on your words, and I had to come looking for you 😉

    Have a terrific day!
    .-= Jenn@ You know… that blog?´s last blog ..Silly Haiku Wednesday =-.

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