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One is Not Like the Others

I found this meme over at Nessa’s and decided to play along:

I have done or experienced all of the following except one. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to let me know here in the comments which experiences we have in common and tell me which one you think I have never experienced. There is no prize for guessing correctly which item is not true because I am cheap. Then, make up your own list on your own blog. Look for the bogus entry on tomorrow’s post.

1.)   My first car was a motorcycle.
2.)  A ten year-old child once saved my life.
3.)  I’ve driven an 18 wheeler.
4.)  December 1980 I lived in a tent in western Montana.
5.)  I had a pet rooster.
6.)  When I was six I ran away from home & went to the library.
7.)  In 7th grade, the principal’s son wore a dress to school because of me.
8.)  I saw Star Wars, “A New Hope,” in the movie theater every single day for 3 weeks in a row.
9.)  I knocked the vice-principal flat on his back in high school.
10.) I never missed a single day of school in 2nd, 3rd, & 4th grade.


  1. We have #1 in common – I had a Honda.
    I have #10 in common but I’m not sure which grades. Can’t put my hands on those perfect attendance awards at the moment.

    A quick glance at your list and I’m pretty certain that it is either 2,7,or 9 that is the incorrect one. Pretty sure you’ve written about the rest.

    1. Carletta — the answers will be posted at midnight tonight. It is easy for me to remember my perfect attendance years — not 1st grade because that was Mrs. Baker and she often made me ill. 😉 Not 5th grade because the mumps followed my the measles kept me home the first two weeks of school! And never after that because of frequent dentist appointments.

  2. I dont’ know what it is about you women, but again I have nothing in common pffft. I’m gonna pick number 8 just because…..

      1. Depends on what you like, Tilden. I thought that was a good guess because she probably had a pet condor or something.

        That was almost haiku.

  3. i have nothing in common with you here except maybe #10 (provided it’s true) although i have no idea what our equivalent of your grades would be

    i’m sure i’ll be surprised by your answer but i find it hard to believe you watched the same movie for 3 weeks in a row… unless…
    still, i’ll go for #6 just because nobody else did so far

    1. Polona — I used to be a TV and movie addict. Then one day I realized there was little on worth watching and more commercials than entertainment anyway.

  4. I have also had a pet rooster.
    Or, my pet hens had a fella, maybe, but I fed him, so I’d say it counts.

    I’m going to guess that 8 is the bogus one because … I don’t know. Just am. LOL and I really want to hear about the vice-principal story!

  5. We have none of these experiences in common.
    I don’t think you’ve driven an 18-wheeler. (I cannot accept doing this meme due to time, but thanks for the fun.) What an unusual life you’ve led!

    1. GEL — I drove an 18 wheeler for several miles in Nebraska — where the road was flat as a pancake & straight as an arrow. My ex- was a long haul truck driver.

  6. I don’t have any of these in common with you.

    I’m guessing #1 is the bogus one.

    I’ll have to think about doing this one — I don’t know if I can come up with ten things.

    1. Barbara — #1 is a story on my blog. And it really isn’t all that difficult coming up with 10 things. We all think we’re ordinary until others compare notes and tell us we’re not.

  7. Hey Quilly, this is good. Guess I should check Nessa out too! I know, you girls are a mess. 🙂

    The only one we have ni common is the last one. I never missed any school except for my senior year. One afternoon a few of us skipped school. Our reason was that we attended a farm auction. That was completely false but it worked.

  8. Wow. I’ve led a boring life compared to yours. I have nothing in common with your list. I do not think #8 is true. That would be torture and quite an expense, that is if you were a paying customer.

    p.s. thanks for the advice on the hibiscus. I may try it.

  9. I think it is #8 as well, I can’t see you going to the same movie every day for three weeks. As for the rest, I remember you writing about some of them.

  10. I’m with Bill – #8…because I know you know where the real NEW HOPE lies…

    But I’m shocked that I don’t have any of these things in common with you. Wow…I’m with those who admit our lives are very boring!

  11. In the spirit of your “he said; she said” posts I’m going with …..

    #1-My first car was a motorcycle … because, clearly, a motorcycle is not a car. Now, perhaps your first vehicle was a motorcycle… I’m just sayin’. 😉 😀

    1. Cherie — a motorcycle is NOT a car, which is precisely why a motorcycle was my first car. It will make perfect sense when you read the story.

  12. I had nothin’ in common with Nessa – and I have nothin’ in common with YOU either!
    I’m gonna say you never had a pet rooster — cuz I’m bettin’ you DID knock the principal off his feet!

  13. Quite likely we share #10 in common.
    I’m guessing that #8 is not true. You said you were cheap, and that is definitely not a cheap activity! (We own the dvd set of all 6, and our youngest watched these over and over again while we drove from WA to VA.)

    1. Karen – -what if I told you that in all the times — over 100 — that I saw that movie, I never once paid my own way into the movie theater? AND, I didn’t learn to be cheap until my ex- landed us in so much debt it took me years after the marriage to pay it off.

  14. Nothing in common (perhaps nr. 10, I would have to ask my mom but with the time difference is 4am over there now…not a good time to call, lol)

    Guessing nr 5, because it seems nobody has chosen that one up to now…

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