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Random Dozen: Linkin’ Around the Christmas Tree

It’s that time again! Lidna over at 2nd Cup of Coffee has come up with 12 more questions. This is her 15th Dozen. I just love her memes. They make me think!

1. Which physical trait do you now accept–maybe not love, but accept–and no longer feel extremely self-conscious about?
When I was born my esophagus wasn’t attached to my stomach. To save my life, the doctor left me with a scar from below my belly button to the bottom of my breast bone. Because if it I have never worn a cropped blouse or a two piece swim suit. As a teen and young adult I hated that scar. Now when I see it, I understand that without the scar I could have been a beautiful dead baby. I like my life.

2. This week Meredith Baxter Birney, best known as the mom on the favorite 80s sitcom “Family Ties” came out of the closet, which led me to formulate this question: Who do you think is/was the best TV mom?
I don’t watch TV so I can’t answer this.

3. Do you speak any foreign languages? Are there any you’d like to learn?
I studied Spanish, but I don’t speak it well.

4. Who is your personal hero?
My grandmother. She lived her life as a light for God. If I could even be half the person she was, I would be proud of myself.

5. What is one holiday food that you find extremely difficult to resist over- indulging in?
It would probably be easier to find one I don’t fins difficult to resist!

6. Tell me about a Christmas decoration that has special meaning or sentimental value.
I had a set of hand painted china Christmas bells. They were stolen in a move over 20 years ago and I still mourn them. They were my great grandmothers.

7. How do you feel about snow?
Cold. And I don’t like it, either. I might enjoy it more if it would consent not to fall on the front walk or driveway.

8. On average, how many hours of sleep do you get each night? Not that I’m jealous of any number over three or anything.
I usually sleep 6-8 hours per night with 7 hours being about average.

9. Tell me about your first crush.
From 1st through 4th grade I was madly in love with Roy Shones. Then he moved away and my heart ached for years. Whenever his grandparents had company I would ride my bike by their home hoping it might be Roy and I would see him. In 6th grade we finally came face-to-face again, and he didn’t even remember me. That was the first time my heart broke.

10. You’re stuck in a room for 2 hours with only a chalkboard and chalk. What will you write/draw?
Pft — I’m a teacher. I’ll clean the board and then have a math lesson, a vocabulary lesson and a writing prompt up and waiting for the students to return.

11. Do you dress for the current temp or for the day’s forecast?
Current temp — and I change as the day changes. That’s what layers are for.

12. Favorite Christmas movie is?
White Christmas (old) While You Were Sleeping (newer).


  1. #10 made me laugh out loud. Yep, definitely a teacher.

    #6 — so sad!

    White Christmas is the daughter’s fav too so you know I’ve seen it a time or two 🙂 It is a great movie. Guess I didn’t realize that While You Were Sleeping was a Christmas movie.

    1. Kim — While You Were Sleeping isn’t necessarily ABOUT Christmas, but it happens at Christmas time and the season is part of the story.

  2. Answer to #1 is perfect — we’re glad that they did the surgery!

    I’ve been listening to npr reports about your big waves out there. Maybe that’s God’s way of saying, “it’s okay to leave Hawaii – you’ve seen it all now!”

  3. I love how you answered #1. It brings the matter in a totally different point of view. The scar is a truly blessing. Shame on the thief for taking such wonderful treasures. I can see that you are a dedicated teacher with answer #10. Oh, I love While You Were Sleeping even better than Home Alone. I have watched it over and over again. Thanks for reminding me of it.

    1. Rosidah — I know most people are going to talk about their hair or their nose or their eyes, but those were the least of my adolescent worries.

  4. Nr. # 10 is funny! I wouldn´t want you as my teacher… 🙂
    I don´t think I´ve seen “White Christmas” before, I should look into that and see if I can download it.

  5. When Amanda was born her esophagus wasn’t completely done baking or something…. they said it wasn’t completely “formed” — but it didn’t need surgery – it just needed a few more days and some exercise! She couldn’t cry. I mean she could – but no sound came out — she just squeaked! It was really rather cute. But it only took about 10 days before she had exercised it enough and she came through at full wail! But knowing about your dilemma I count myself – and her – blessed that she was at least all put together!

    I answered number two from the past! I couldn’t name a “today” tv mom if my life depended on it!

    I’m so sorry about your Christmas bells… that is so sad.

  6. I am glad your surgery was a success, Q! And I, too, hate snow. Pretty to look at, but dreadful to endure. Give me sunshine in Hawaii any day.

  7. I just love reading the answers to your memes.
    #1 – wow. That is truly amazing. Thanks for sharing that personal tid bit about you. I am glad the doctors were able to operate and repair you! That scar is a reminder that God planned for you to be here on this earth!

    1. Church Lady — thanks, I am glad my answers keep everyone’s attention. And I, too, realize that that scar means God has a plan for me.

  8. They showed 50 foot waves in a part of Hawaii this morning on The Today Show and I thought of you.
    I love how you described your Grandmother, mine was quite and never outspoken and would give you her last dime if she thought you needed it more than she did.
    So sad about your ornaments. I would have cried for days.

  9. #1 — Amazing. I am so glad they were able to fix it in good time. And I can certainly understand feeling self-conscious about it, but you’ve gained a great perspective. I have a 7″ or so diagonal scar across my abdomen from old-fashioned gall bladder surgery (before they started doing them laproscopically), and it bothered me for a long time even though I had no desire to wear anything showing my abdomen. But I guess I’ve gotten used to it now. I rarely think about it any more.

    Oh, I would mourn those bells, too.

    I love White Christmas, too.

    1. Barbara — 50 years is more than enough time to develop a healthy perspective …. 😉 I think it helps that I mostly like who I am. Since I am okay with me as a person, I am not as insecure with me as an object.

  10. i wouldn’t be sad if i never saw snow again… no such luck where i live
    foodie goodies… who can resist them? well, not i, that’s for sure
    nice choice of movies 🙂

  11. I’m with Polona– I hate cold and snow and wouldn’t mind never experiencing either again in my life.

    You and me both on #5: holiday food is my downfall. A hundred downfalls. Eggnog ice cream, OMG. Gingerbread… stuffing… *sigh*

  12. “While You Were Sleeping” is a Christmas movie? I loved that show when I saw it but don’t remember the Christmas parts of it.

    I was going to put the same answer for holiday foods. I can’t resist most of them.

    1. Susanne — Christmas dinner is a major scene in the movie. The Christmas tree out the window scene. The Christmas party embarrassment. The fact that it was the Holidays and Lucy didn’t want to spend another Christmas Day at work alone. Definitely a Christmas movie.

  13. I thought that I had something to be self-conscious about with my feet (see my post)…but you must be strong to deal with your scar the way you do now! I love your sense of humor about the snow!

    1. Kristen — I don’t know how strong I was. I remember lots of tears and anger. Ultimately though, it wasn’t something I could change and it slowly dawned on me that without the scar, I’d be dead.

  14. Great Answers Quill, I concur on your Christmas Movies. I forgot about While You Were Sleeping being a Christmas Theme Film. How could I forget my Favorite Sandra Bullock film? You Gram’s Memory is like my Uncle Jim’s and my parents.

    Merry Christmas Q

  15. I no longer hate my 7 inch belly scar (long story).
    Rosie is hilarious. I occasionally watch reruns at 2am when I can’t sleep.

    And I’m sorry about those bells being stolen. It’s bad enough to have the movers steal things (been there) and to lose something of such sentimental value really hurts.

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