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In The Bedroom

bedroomHa!  I bet you were expecting something different with a title like that.  This is one of the three bedrooms in our new home.  As you can see, they are plenty roomy.

One bedroom will house the music equipment.  Right now whenever company comes we shift the keyboard, bongo drums and 47 trumpets & coronets to the living room. We won’t have to do that anymore.

The other bedroom will be for guests.  What a concept.  I haven’t had a dedicated guest room in my home in over 20 years!  And of course the master bedroom will be ours!

Check out the electrical outlets.  One of the things I really love about this house is the abundant plug ins! No more unsightly extension cords strung all over the room!   And the heat vent isn’t in the floor so one doesn’t have to worry about people stepping on it and squishing the slats closed.  It also doesn’t appear to be in a place I’d want to put a piece of furniture — except maybe a book case.  Hmmmmm.

And I don’t know whether you noticed or not from the other photos, but every single window in the house already has venetian blinds. I am not a great fan of curtains. I love light filled rooms and unlike curtains, venetian blinds can be fully retracted so they don’t block any light.

As you can tell I am getting pretty excited about our move.  Blogging about it helps me expel some of the excitement.  Wait until you see the rest of the house.


  1. You certainly got my attention with that title! LOLOL It’s a grabber. 🙂 (Not that I was expecting anything lewd, you understand. 😉 )

  2. The photos of the house are really exciting! It looks like you all found a good one! How about outside – is it in the middle of a marsh so back-to-nature man can find critters and practice trumpet to his heart’s delight?

  3. I hope for you that you have enough plugs, I think it doesn’t exist, lol ! when we had our house built I ordered 20 (!!!) supplementary plugs and imagine, it’s still not enough and cables are laying (behind) the furniture !

  4. I love venetian blinds too, but they are so expensive here, that it just is not possible! But I love that your new house has them! And yeah for the guest bedroom!

  5. Wow, three bedrooms, and a guest room, I’m so envious! I would looooove a guest room, and guests to go in it, but right now it looks like that will be something for our retirement LOL

    I love the blinds too, and the neutral walls: not stark white, but easy on the eyes. What a lovely place! Is the lady your real estate agent, or was this an online tour?

    I’m hoping to make it cross-country this summer to see my sister, who lives in Oregon (and Vulcan of course on the way!). I told my husband the history of the Pig War on San Juan Island and he’s SO proud an Irishman managed to start that (sigh) that he’s more than willing to visit LOL. I’d love to treat you guys to lunch at least!

    Good luck with the move and packing and daydreaming!

  6. I couldn’t resist — I took a peek at the schools there. It looks like they’re hiring subs at least, and that might get your foot in the door to go back to teaching!

    What am I saying? Who will we play with if Quilly is working for a living? Waaahhhh…

    on a more serious note, the kids would be BLESSED to get you!

  7. I’m so excited for you! 🙂

    Our last house (the first one we ever purchased) had tons of outlets, too. I loved it.

    And I want to state for the record that I KNEW you were referring to your new house when I saw the title in my reader.

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