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Seriously Irritated

Amoeba and I each have our own printers.  That’s because he detests mine and wrote a couple of posts explaining why.  Mine has a couple of quirks that cause us to wonder if shipping it across the deep blue sea is such a great idea.   With that thought in mind, I decided I’d better install the software for his printer on my computer — except I have no idea where I hid the CDs.

Fine.  I know which printer we he has so I go online to download the drivers and, perhaps because I visited torrents download first and the computer thought I wanted as much information as I could get in one place, I was offered a download file of mega proportions for which the process — even with our high speed “get it now” cable —  would take an hour and a half.

Again, fine.  If that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes.  EXCEPT, an hour and a half later when the download ended and I tried to install the software, I received a “corrupt file” message.  So, I have no printer drivers AND I am missing an hour and a half of my life.

Amoeba detests my printer because it is Lexmark.  I detest his because it is Hewlett Packard.  Maybe someday we’ll find one we both love, but in the meantime I am not a happy camper.


  1. My old printer from when I got my computer in 2001 is my HP, I like this one and hate the day I may have to replace it.

    Hope your Printer Woes are soon over.

  2. Quilly, I have never had a decent printer except for HP. If both his printer and your computer are of about the same age it should automatically detect new hardware and come up with it’s own driver. Esspecially since the printer is HP.
    I ran across your problem with the scanner on my computer with Windows Vista. It did pick up my printer FB (fine business).
    Ain’t my new kid on the block cute!

  3. I have a Lexmark but the ink cartridge won’t be replaced this time…and then I won’t be amused, I already know that…

  4. We have a Canon but I think we need to upgrade soon. I’m thinking of the HP just because they have more sales on the printer ink here.

  5. Have you ever heard of going to HP site and downloading directly from there? hmm I stay away from torrents like I do Fruitcakes…Susan included LOL

    1. Hello, Thom — I went to the HP site and downloaded the corrupt file from there. I was at torrents BEFORE I went to the HP site.

    1. Tiden — how does one do that without the software? And, we had separate printers because the Lexmark claimed to work with Mac OS10 but it didn’t, so we bought the HP — which left us each with our own.

  6. Arrrrgh!!
    I miss my old printer. I don’t remember what kind it was, but it was easy to scan and copy.
    And I hate downloading stuff. Sorry that happened to you.

    Your CD is probably hiding out with the school pictures of my youngest. I can’t find them, either.

  7. The best printers I’ve ever owned over the years have been HP – I have had Lexmark too, but they wear out too fast. Also had Epson, and I gotta say – avoid those greedy buggers like the plague. The chips they put in the ink cartridges mean you can’t ever refill them, and when they say “no more ink”, it won’t even try to squeak out another page. I won’t ever buy another Epson product as a result. HP all the way – although I agree, the wireless part is a PITA. Once you’ve got it set up though, you’ll be very pleased with it.

  8. Both of ours are HP. My only complaint is the price of cartridges and that whenever there are Office Depot coupons for money off, it specifically excludes HP products. What is THAT about?

  9. I have one of each, HP and Lexmark; HP is my big Laser b/w workhorse and the Lexmark was for scanning and colour.

    Lexmark broke within a few months, and I was relieved because the replacement cartridges cost more than the damn printer did. HP still going.

    Good luck shipping all that stuff!

    1. Susan — yeah — Lexmark ink is super pricey and the minute the cartridge is a third empty the software is pasting panicked messages for me to by more.

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