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Christmas Aloha?

I was standing in the line at the Post Office today and had cause to wonder what planet I was on.  One lady kept screaming that the line was too long and people need to hurry up and get out of her way because she had important packages to mail.  Obviously the rest of us had just gone into the post office to stand around and cause her grief.

The guy in front of me had a huge stack of Business Christmas Cards he was mailing out. I am certain his business was just as important as hers, but he wasn’t complaining.

The line cut right through the middle of the post office (which wasn’t built to handle the traffic it had).  One lady approached and said, “Excuse me,” because she needed to pass.  I stepped aside so she could.  The lady behind me quickly took my place in line.  I said, “Excuse me, that was my spot.”  She said, “You left.”   The man in front of me — the one mailing the Christmas cards — reacted while I was still speechless.  He made a place for me in line and said to her, “Merry Christmas,” but it sounded much more like “Shame on you.”  I said thank you!

Boy there was nothing I wanted more than to come back home!  There are just too many nasty people out there.


  1. This is when I am sO happy that I live in a teeeeeeency weeeeeeency little town with a teeeeeeeency weeeeeeency little post office… and everybody standing in line knows each other! And you better behave or everyone in town will KNOW about it!

    1. Me too, Melli. Our town of 600 has a wonderful tiny Post Office. The next town over is 10 times larger and while it is still “small town America”, the PO is not as pleasant (but I blame that on the management).

    1. Gigi — today I encountered a ration of obnoxious folks! A lady on the UH campus flipped me off for saying, “Excuse me,” and suggesting she shut her car door before walking away. I just shrugged and started driving. She hustled right over and shut the door then. What is with people that think a whole line of traffic should wait for them while they leave their car in the road with the doors open while they run across the street to pick something up?

  2. Shame on her indeed! I’m wondering what part of the island you were standing in. So far, it’s been pretty OK on the leeward side, thank goodness. But then again, I mailed my packages a week ago. People might be getting more frenzied now. Not that it’s an excuse mind you,.

    1. Kay — I was in little sub-station at Manoa Shopping Center. The whole complex was over-crowded and there were very few smiles to be seen.

      1. Yep. Manoa. The University. You’d think people with Ph.D.s (my colleagues) would be both smarter and wiser. After all, last I knew, the matter of UH faculty contracts has not yet been resolved, and I don’t think the profs and their associates can afford to be rude. Campuses have been closed on far less provocation. Not to mention other momentous decisions. Just ask President Gore about Bill Clinton. What was that? Gore wasn’t President …?

  3. The worst part of my PO experience was the parking lot with a problem you don’t have, ice.
    The lines were long but people were polite. They joked about ordering pizza for us as we waited.

  4. I like to stay home at this time of the year. With my sister and niece visiting, though, I will be right in the middle of everything. Good thing we will be chatting away 🙂

  5. It seems some people just aren’t happy no matter what and are determined to make everyone around them as miserable as they are. Just remind yourself that this too will pass. Before we know it, Christmas will be over. If we could only slow down and enjoy it more. Maybe that’s why I’m Scrooge at times, it’s all the hustle and bustle.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  6. Incredible. But notice I didn’t say “unbelievable”!!

    Good thing that lady wasn’t at my post office this morning. There actually wasn’t a line there when I arrived just a few minutes after it opened, but then the postage label machine decided to mess up and the poor clerk had to get help and then load a new roll and toss the rest of the original one. The line was to the door by the time I left!

    I was really worried a man was going to pull a gun when we were at the post office for passports a couple of months ago. I hate it when people get so bent out of shape.

    Not that I ever do – ahem! – although hopefully I control it better!

  7. I’m in love with the man who let you into the line and rebuked Scroogella. Isn’t this the time of the year when we’re all supposed to be extra *nice*?

    Oh well, I’m glad you got home safely and with one less errand left on your holiday list!

  8. I walked into our P.O. this morning, saw the multiple lines, and walked back out and went to the gym. If I’m going to suffer, I want it to be productive!

    Fortunately, I had stamps at home. They just weren’t pretty Christmas stamps. Oh well.

    Remember, this time of year gives Believers many opportunities to extend grace…just say to yourself, NONE OF THIS MATTERS. I feel sorry for the postal clerks usually. They get a lot of grief from people who are impatient.

    I like your personal Santa as well…Susan’s right! Celebrate the joyful occasions!

  9. yep,it’s a jungle out there and getting worse as the holiday approaches. actually, i’m not surprised such a thing happened but it’s nice to know all the spirit isn’t dead yet

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