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When I left Las Vegas I got rid of most of my stuff. I let it go willingly and with great joy. Many of you will recall I sold much of it on eBay. In fact, I sold enough of it on eBay to buy my ill-fated Gateway/Vista laptop.

I kept only those things I deemed irreplaceable, or those things I thought would cost more to replace than to ship. I promised myself that for ever more I would live a minimalist life style.

When Amoeba left Maine, he got rid of most of his stuff. A few things he put into storage. Mostly he kept a suitcase full of clothes, two trumpets and a coronet. He swore he was going to live a minimalist lifestyle forever forward.

So, how have we done? Well, if you don’t count my 300 book library and Amoeba’s half dozen horns (each produces a different sound), the keyboard and his bongo drums, we’ve really done pretty well. Even so, I just spent a lot of time searching for insurance quotes. We finally have everything under one company just in time for the move — and I have just been informed that as soon as we’re on Washington soil we will have to change it all.

Our insurance company has a national — oh wait, INTERNATIONAL — name. I thought I had been very smart in choosing them. Still, it seems every state, and sometimes even different regions in the same state, have different insurance laws so, international company or not, a move involving distance usually requires a change in policy. We are moving a great distance. [sigh] I want this move over!


  1. How frustrating. We’re in the middle of changing companies too – ours just dropped us with only 30 days notice (and we’re paid up through JUNE!). We already got a new policy (and cheaper too) but what an unnecessary hassle. Grrr…

  2. ..
    Insurance companies need a bailout. Then the government can step in, require them
    to declare bankruptcy and give the government control.

  3. Quilly, I always think I’m a minimalist until I have to pack to move (which has happened regularly during the past thirty years). It’s the books. Boxes and boxes of books.

    I found that Flylady’s website has a GREAT section on moving. Before, During and After. Great hints and suggestions.

  4. To my husband’s chagrin, I am not a minimalist. He has gotten me to scale down our book collection… some.
    Luckily, we’re with USAA and we’ve never had to change insurance companies. If you are eligible, check them out.

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