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I know several of you are currently or soon to be relocating, so when I was asked to review this Foreclosure Listings search engine I jumped at the chance. All you have to do is go to the website and type in the city and state you are moving to and you will receive a list of foreclosed homes.

Did you know that there is an $8,000.00 tax credit available to folks buying a foreclosure? That’s a hefty amount of incentive if you ask me! Even though you won’t get a brand new home, many of them are like new — but you don’t get those brand new prices.

Stats and photos are available for each home. The ForeclosurePatch also provides a large selection of instructional articles about how to buy a foreclosed homes.

I’m telling you, I looked at some of the listings for Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (my home town) and a few for Spokane, WA. and the prices almost blew me away! I saw a 6 bedroom 4 bathroom house in the Spokane foreclosure listings for just over 300k! That’s unheard of!


  1. You know, Quilly, this just might come in handy. Mr. Fairway and I really have been talking about relocating…We bought the house we live in now from the bank. I never could have afforded our neighborhood, otherwise…

  2. In WV there are plenty of really cute foreclosed homes going for $10K, no kidding. Sadly WV has no international airport, only one rail line, not a whole lot of jobs in the professional range… *sigh* I guess we can’t have everything! But for someone working from home or thinking of retiring, (and likes living in the boondocks behind the outback next to nowhere) you can’t beat it! LOL

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