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Catch-Up & Other Condiments

I am still trying to tie up the loose ends that unraveled during my two days of travel. As you have likely surmised I had a bunch of paid posts I needed to write. When the posts come in the clock starts ticking. I have so many hours to complete an opp.

If I don’t complete the opp before the time expires, I lose the money, but that is only a small consideration. Along with losing the money, I lose reliability and productivity points. Right now I am sitting near 100%. I’d like to keep it that way.

Of course I can turn down opps, but the longer I wait the more it counts against me. Two opps I wouldn’t normally have accepted came in while I was traveling. Since I didn’t turn them down promptly, I felt obligated to complete them.

In the meantime I am still tired. I am trying to function on Washington time with my internal clock still set for Hawaii. My silly yet scintillating posts will return … someday.


    1. Nicole — I am making around $200.00 per month. Not enough to live on, but it makes for nice luxuries. I’m glad the posts don’t bother you. I generally try to spread them out, not pack in 6 in 2 days!

  1. .
    Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go.
    To work, to work we go, hi ho, hi ho.
    My SIL isn’t very computer savy. Her son who lives six hours away keeps her computer up to date with that remote software. It is a good thing for the challenged to have, depending on who is at the other end controlling.

    I once gave my computer control over to Norton. A nice lady there uninstalled my antivirus for me. I watched the windows come up for action and even before I could touch my mouse she had clicked on the appropriate button.
    .-= Jim´s last blog ..Jim’s Friday — Six Word Saturday — Pumping gas blues =-.

    1. Jim, of course you realize this comment doesn’t belong on this post. The advertiser would have probably liked it more on the computer software ad. However, it is kind of disorienting watching someone else control your cursor, isn’t it?

  2. Ahhhhh Quilly! I’m sorry you had to do two posts that your heart wasn’t in! I’m sure it’s hard enough when your heart IS in them and you’re swamped with other things! We’re here! We’re always here!

    Boy! LINDA is really on top of her game today! LOL!
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..Bowling… =-.

  3. yeah, i know what a simple hour change of daylight saving time does to me.
    but as i can see it’s only 2 hour difference from hawaii so it shouldn’t take you too long
    but of course, take your time and rest while tapping away the opps on your new laptop 🙂
    .-= polona´s last blog ..for want of colour =-.

    1. Polona — the time change was preceded by 2 hectic days with little sleep, 36 hours of travel with little sleep, and appointments to keep upon arriving on the island. I think the stress kicked my butt more than the time change. My brain is just fried and all I want is sleep.

  4. Hope your’re adjusting to the colder temps! In time, your body clock will adjust too! We’ll all still be here!! – – just breathe – –

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