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A Pair Paring Pears

She said, “I pared a pear for our breakfast. Here is your half.”

He said, “I only get half?”

She nodded. “We are sharing.”

He said, “Then it isn’t a pear.”

She said, “Huh?”

He said, “Half of a pair is a single.”

She said, “A single — as in one whole?”

He nodded. “Yes.”

She said, “In that case you’re having a single pear for breakfast.”

He said, “But you brought me tea and toast, too.”

She said, “I brought you one tea and two pieces of toast — hey, why don’t we ever have a pair of toasts?”

He said, “Please dear, this is breakfast. Lets save the toasts until after five o’clock.”

She said, “Anybody listening to this conversation would suspect we’ve already started drinking.”

He said, “We do make quite a pair, don’t we?”


    1. Church Lady, we have not officially met any of our neighbors, but we haven’t moved into our house. We are staying in staff housing until our furniture arrives.

  1. I would never assume you’d been drinking. You couldn’t possibly come up with repartee that witty if you had alcohol in your system. 😉

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