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The Value of Nothing, by Raj Patel

By now you all know that Amoeba is an environmental scientist. Over-consumption is a reoccurring topic in our household. In Hawaii he didn’t bike 8 miles to and from work solely for his own health, but for the health of the environment as well.

We also recycle. I am conscious of what products I buy and how they impact the environment. Yes, we pay more for them but in the long run I think humanity will end up paying less. I choose environmentally safe dish soap, laundry soap and household cleaning products.  Whenever possible we buy local — which not only supports the local economy, but saves on fossil fuel expenditure because it isn’t shipped in from across the country.

If you are interested in making a noticeable impact on the planet for good, please, take a few minutes and watch this powerful video.

We mortgaged our future and called it freedom.
~Raj Patel

We’ve already allowed big business to put a price on clean water and clean air. Virgin forests and condo-free beaches are pretty much a thing of the past. Right now Congress and the Senate are fighting with the President over the value of our lives (health care). Do we have to just sit and watch? Is there nothing we can do to insure that humane values govern rather dollar signs? Raj Patel says there is, and what he says makes sense.

If you are interested in reading this book, you might want to register to win a copy. Or, you might just want to go out and buy one. You can have it read and be making a difference before the contest is over.