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Thom & Family

Thom and Family came to Friday Harbor on Friday and we enjoyed a bit of food and conversation.  Here is the visit in pictures.

Thom balcony
Thom on the balcony at our Friday Harbor Labs Apartment
taking a photo of Friday Harbor.


Thom's fam
We gathered in Herb’s Tavern for food and talk.
(Left to Right: Thom’ mom, Julie;
Thom’s nephew, Conner;
Thom’s sil’s shoulder;
part of Thom’s brother;
the back of Thom’s niece’s head.


Thom & Em
Thom and his niece, Emily (the birthday girl).


Julie & Thom
Thom with his momma, Julie.
It is easy to see where he gets his great smile, isn’t it?


Conner Julie Thom
This is Conner, Thom’s nephew;
Thom’s momma, Julie; and
Thom, trying to make certain you don’t all notice
that Conner is actually taller than Thom.


Tim Jane
Thom’s brother, Tim; sister-in-law, Jane; and puphew, Pierre.


And, just so you know he is still
the Thom we know and love,
even in the presence of his family.


A fun time was had by all.


    1. Barbara — there probably was an Aloha shirt under Thom’s jacket. I can’t be certain though because he never took it off. He also did a lot of whining about the cold!

  1. Q it was great getting to see you and Charley…Of course you had to show everyone my nose hairs LOL..Me and my family had a great time being in Friday Harbor. It was real fun and yes cold. Thanks so much Q for having us over. Q just remember I have the shots of you and your new look which will be going up once I get home LOL. Yes that was an aloha shirt…that’s all I have other than my T-Shirts LOL. Mahalo Q. Much appreciated
    .-= Thom´s last blog ..Happy Birthday Emily =-.

    1. Because, Gigi, the Hawaiian native the island was named after was not Saturday, he was Friday. Joseph Paolima Friday. Amoeba wrote a history of Friday Harbor post some time back. You’ll find the Hawaiian origins of Friday Harbor in the 11th paragraph and on.

  2. Mahalo for the link, Q. Nice to know the Hawaiian connection, but I guess we’ll never know WHY the harbor was named after him. I mean, what’s his claim to fame other than working for that company and raising sheep on San Juan Island?

    I guess I should visit Thom’s blog to see what he’s all about — especially since he lives in Hawaii LOL.
    .-= gigi-hawaii´s last blog ..Dis n Dat – Jan. 30, 2010 =-.

    1. Gigi — Thom just made 20 years as a Hawaii Public Transit driver. His claim to fame is having every bus route memorized. 😉

      Joe Paolima Friday got the island named after him by virtue of being the only one who officially lived here!

  3. Loved seeing Thom and family pics!! The one of his mother with him is especially nice. and just so you know, your humor is seldom lost on any of us…. we just dont always mention it … (or how bazzar it is at times,LOL). xoxooxo C

    1. Caryl — I know my humor can be bizarre, but I think it is the reult of family influence. I actually have a sister who thinks Mary Had a Little Lamb is beautiful when sang as an operatic solo.

  4. I’m finally getting back here to see this series of pictures! I love the “puphew” and seeing Thom having fun with his family while visiting you. And if you have to be living in an apartment, that is a pretty awesome view!
    All of these pictures of the PacNW are making me homesick.
    It probably doesn’t help that it was 18 degrees outside this weekend.
    .-= kcinnova´s last blog ..Monday Madness =-.

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