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A Kitchen Designed For Cooking

I have always dreamed of having a wonderful kitchen with counter space galore, under cabinet lighting, a dish washer, a garbage disposal, plenty of cupboard storage, plenty of drawers, a ceramic top range, a roomy refrigerator, a self-cleaning oven, tile flooring, and plenty of plug-ins.  Of course, I have had all of those things, but I have never had them all at once!

As I have confessed before, I love looking at house plans and dreaming of what could be. If I had the chance and the money to come up with my ideal home design, I think the kitchen would very much look like this:


This first view (above) of the kitchen
shows you the gray granite sink,
black counter tops and chrome dishwasher.
Take note of all the plug ins, too!


Above you see the stove and the microwave,
seven drawers, two Lazy Susans,
and two pull out cutting boards.


This view shows you the refrigerator
with water in the door,
and a pullout-drawer bottom freezer.
You also see more cupboards, more plug-ins,
another drawer and a glimpse into the family room.


This photo was an attempt to show you
the two kitchen skylights and the half wall
(the hallway is on the other side).


Here you see the ceiling,
the recessed lighting and
more of the half — well, three-quarter — wall.


And this is the inside of the refrigerator.

There is one incredible thing this kitchen has that I never would have thought of in my own home design. It is called a kick vent and it is part of the universal vacuum cleaning system. Right below the kitchen sink there is a vent one flicks open with her toe that activates the vacuum suction. In case the reason for that escapes you let me explain by saying when I purchase my new broom, I am not going to have to buy a dust pan as well. How cool is that?


    1. Nicole — I am sorry. Would it help if I told you this is my reward for spending the last 17 months in the worst kitchen in Hawaii?

  1. Although I am not a kitchen freak anymore, I have to admit I would like yours too ! It looks very nice and seems to have everything a family would need !
    I don’t spend a lot of time in my kitchen. Only for cooking in the evening, but since we both don’t work anymore we eat in front of the TV. Of course in the past I loved my kitchen that’s why it is all white and red. Fortunately my taste hasn’t changed in 35 years we are living in this house so I still like my kitchen.
    .-= Gattina´s last blog .. =-.

  2. These are some absolutely glorious designs. I’m a cabinetmaker who is always surfing the Internet looking for something new and exciting, because when I do our bathrooms and kitchen, I do NOT want to do the same thing everyone else does. As yet I still have not figured out what I’m going to do, but one fine day I hope to have something wonderful to share with people on the Internet. And if I do, concepts like these will help me get there. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    .-= Joseph´s last blog ..Luxurious Bathroom Designs From Edil-Italy =-.

    1. Joseph — I suppose the problem with having the capability to choose from hundreds of choices makes choosing even harder!

    1. Linda — the house is 3 years old and the builder (landlord’s son) lived in it. We are leasing until a few more financial matters are settled. When we moved to Hawaii Amoeba was promised grand things that fell through. Had we purchased we would have lost our home. We are keeping that lesson in mind and waiting until all contracts are signed and all monies are delivered.

  3. Kellie has had the pleasure of the kick plates in her kitchens, the ones they built themselves that is. They sure make things easier, especially with 4 messy kids!! I am jealous of that refridgerator!!!! I have a trick for cleaning that stainless steel….. you’ll have to call to get it thought. XOOXOXO C

  4. Ooolala! What a fab kitchen! Thanks for the complete tour. I am so excited for you. I can totally picture you on one side of the cutting board and Amoeba on his cutting board dicing up veggies and cooking up a grand meal! Let me know how you like your fridge. My sister has the identical one. And I do love the idea of the vacuum thingy. That is one cool invention. I think I would prefer that over a garbage disposal.
    .-= Church Lady´s last blog ..Fun Monday Topic for February 8 =-.

  5. Church Lady — I have the kick vent AND a garbage disposal! AND a dishwasher. AND a flat top range. AND acres of counter space. AND tons of plug ins. I am one happy cook!

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