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Geometry #3 & Macro Monday

Geometry is hosted by Katney of Katney’s Kaboodle. If you’ve got a line or an angle on a great shot, Katney wants you to share it.

Radiant Lines

This is the center of a fan palm frond.  These grow at University of Hawaii at Manoa, in a row along the Bilger Hall parking lot and are quite impressive.


Macro Monday is hosted by Lisa of Lisa’s Chaos. If you love macro photography, this is the place for you!

The Last Leaf

This leaf fell from the tree, spiraled to the ground and stuck itself in the grass at my feet.  Of course I had to bend over and photograph it!  Imagine my surprise upon downloading the photo to find all of these white flowers — to my naked eye they just looked like a fine white fuzz on the grass.

UPDATE: Amoeba, my darling botanist, says that this is not grass, but the leaf of a very small lily or onion.  He also said the white “flowers” are called “hair points” and they are on the edges of the very tiny leaves of a very tiny moss.


  1. I’m just impressed to see grass! I would LOVE to see grass! THANK YOU for letting me see grass! And a beautiful red leaf! And tiny white flowers – with my naked eye! That palm frond is fabulous too — I thought it was blinds until I read! LOL!
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..Valentine Candy & A Little Devil =-.

  2. Awesome photos, Quilly! I love the little curlicues on the palm fronds — they take a very REGIMENTED formation and add whimsy. I tend to be more like the fronds — and a little whimsy is good for my soul!

    The second photo with the leaf is stunning. You have such a gift – the eye to see the unusual array, the skill to capture it on camera and the restraint to not tweak the photo but just show it the way God showed it to you. Wow.

    And thanks to Amoeba for the details! I love the photos, and I love the science because I know they are both from God!
    .-= southlakesmom´s last blog ..Sowing Peace =-.

    1. CameoRose — uhm, the last light of day. Very bright sliding in across the harbor, yet still a lovely, mellow, golden color which really “popped” that leaf..

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