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Homeward Bound

Today is Airplane Day. We’re headed for New Jersey in about an hour (flying out of Newark). We have a several hour layover in Providence. If there’s net I may visit you from there. We’ll arrive in Seattle at 10 p.m. tonight and have a Kenmore Air flight into Friday Harbor in the morning. Won’t be back home until just after lunch time.

On the good news front. Our possessions have been heard from. They will arrive at our door 9 a.m. Wednesday morning — one day earlier than promised.


  1. Well at least you don’t have to deal with Marlene…oh maybe you do!!! Glad to hear about your furniture. That’s good news. And talk about the speed of an airplane…we have a Tsunami heading our way from the earthquake in Chile that is traveling as fast as a jet does. Glad you left here?

    1. We’re bypassing the ground entirely, Thom, and flying to the island from Seattle. It may be the last time I fly anywhere, except under extreme necessity. I’m tired of funding the TSA through my jackknife purchases.

    1. Thanks, Dawg. I for one am very much looking forward to becoming familiar with walking and bicycling speed – and getting the filthy, sewery hands of the transportation industry graspers the hell out of my pockets.

    1. Apologies for the earworm, Silver. Just at the moment, gangsta rap is more in tune with my mood.

    1. I forget, Linda, whether we have to do the unpacking or we remembered to let the movers do it. Either way …

  2. Whoooo hooo! Earliness on the possession front! YAY!

    I have you all prayed up for safe travels today! Hope your comings are better than your goings were!
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..Lovely… =-.

    1. Not off to the best start, Melli. I’m short yet another jackknife – one that’s about the size of a thumbnail and have carried on dozens of planes without anyone worrying about it. We the People have got to withdraw our business from the airlines – all of our business – until we get over our national paranoia and stop the extortion. If that means We the People have to come to terms with our greed and avarice, so be it – we just might stop being the target of Justice.

  3. .
    Isn’t modern transportation science wonderful! Ten years ago you wouldn’t be notified until the truck wanted through your gate.
    Please keep us in mind as we have urgent need to meet your niece. At her hotel would be fine, the luxury suite?

    We love Maine lobster, guess Mass. is fine too?

  4. Wrong time of year for lobster in Maine or Massachusetts, Jim. Rather hard to pull the suckers up through the ice. 😉

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