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Dress Me in Leather & Memories

When I was a kid my big brother wore a leather bracelet on his wrist. It was very much like the one pictured here to the left. I thought that bracelet was so cool, probably because it was on my brother and I knew he was cool.

Harold would sit on Gram’s living room floor between the heat vent and the record player with a stack of 45 rpm records at his side.  He would spin the records and sing.  I would sit on his lap or lean against his side and listen to his voice rumble from his chest.  Those are some of my most favorite and cherished moments from childhood.

I just recently came across a website featuring a multitude of leather bracelets, including this one very much like my brother’s.  I have it bookmarked and I am very tempted to order it.  It won’t bring those days back of sitting on my big brother’s lap and thinking that all is right with the world, but it might remind me to revisit those precious memories more often.

Hey big brother, I love you.


  1. do you really want one? because we can make those… me and Archie, I mean 🙂 just need details… leather color, wrist size, that sorta thing… can show you a pic of one he made me..

  2. Awesome memories! I always wanted a big brother, but alas, I was the oldest, and my little bother was a double-cross on my parents’ part 😉

    I remember those leather bracelets – I had one when I was a teen as I recall.

  3. That is a nice memory of your brother. I remember when I was a kid I purchased a leather bracelet much like the one in the photo in Ocean City, Maryland. I still have it and have handed it down to my youngest daughter. It actually fits her tiny wrist. I must have been the same age as she is now when I purchased it.

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