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Microfiction Monday #23

Susan from Stony River, welcomes us to Microfiction Monday,
where a picture paints just 140 characters.
I like to use my 140 characters to tell
the most complicated story possible.
That means you have to be prepared to read between the lines.

If you’d like to join us, stop by Susan’s, pick up the picture prompt,
compose your story in 140 character (or less), post it,
and sign in at Susan’s place, then commence in the sharing!


Joey stared at the recruiting poster all starry eyed. “I’m signing up!”
“Ah, she ain’t real,” Ed warned.
“So,” Joey said. “That coat is!”


  1. LOL…Why is it I’ve never heard of that fetish,or is it fettish LOL before. Where have I been? Anyway, it’s great Q. Well done :).

    1. Thom — ask most any young kid what they want to be when they grow up, and they’ll tell you about a job that comes with a uniform.

  2. Good one! The girls who flock to that jacket will be a lot more real than the poster, that’s for sure – I hope he thinks four years at sea a worthy trade ROFL.

    Or ….is he just a really *stylish* kind of guy?

    1. Nessa — I had the button up the front bell bottom jeans with the anchors on the button — bought them from a former sailor!

  3. Good play on the picture because that coat was the height of fashion for some. You were somebody if you had one. I think yours is my favorite so far this week.

    1. Penelope — that was certainly true when I was a teen. I managed to score some bell bottom uniform dungarees and was the envy of half the state.

  4. Hi its still me from random short stories but having starting to do more 140 and less character bits I decided to set up this site Random Twitter Stories. refreshing/recycling some old twitter stories to get it going. Anyway back to yours…Nice to see a man with his priorities in right order!

  5. Quilly;

    It’s all about the wardrobe, I 1oo% agree!
    Give me a good looking uniform and I’m there!
    Good job, like usual>

  6. Uniforms just do something to a person even if it is a girl in that Uniform. My Aunt was a WAVE but I bet she never looked like this! Cute Story Quilly!

  7. I don’t know if I should be writing this here … but did anyone check out the insignia on that uniform? The lass is aspiring to be a petting petty officer? No wonder sea captains always considered women on board ship to be bad luck.

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