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Two Deaths in the Family

Both of them computers.

The old Mac I have been using is lost in the endless land of reboot.  Like a puppy chasing it’s tail, it probably won’t stop until we take it off the power leash.  Sigh.

My desktop starts up, then immediately freezes.  I guess it got seasick on the long ocean voyage and needs medical assistance.  Sigh.

The good news is, Thom gave me a little Notebook.  It works quite well but, sadly, I don’t work well with it.  The key pad is too small and trying to compose is like trying to read alphabet soup.  However, I am fairly intelligent and resourceful.  I plugged a full-sized keyboard and my 19 inch monitor into the Notebook and I am blogging with style.  All I had to do to make the monitor work was open the display panel and choose the duel screen option.

The thing is, the other two computers have my photos on them.  I spent a couple of days mourning the shots I never got to share from my retreat and our trip to Seattle. I also took several photos of a local band for their website.  “Gone,” I wailed.  “All gone!”

Then last night I downloaded the Punny Monday shot and discovered that the last time I downloaded the camera, I hadn’t erased the memory card!  I still have all of those photos.  Happy dance!  Happy dance!”  Stay tuned for the promised photo posts.  But first a moment of silence for the dead.


    1. Jeff — thanks. I live with a trumpet player. He has about a dozen different instruments (trumpets, cornets and flugelhorns) he can salute them with.

  1. Wow — so good that the photos were still on the memory card! I tend to delete mine immediately after downloading — maybe not such a good idea!

    Can nothing be done to revive the computers, or are they hopeless?

  2. Happy dance for photos!

    Electronics don’t like ocean voyages. We had a car that was “allergic” to Germany for it’s first 4 months there. There’s nothing like being broken down on the Autobahn! (Although I imagine the frustration of 2 kaput computers comes close…)

  3. What a friend. He GAVE you a netbook?! I have been ogling them for a while now. They look fun to take along.
    Can´t wait to see the pics from your retreat and Seattle trip!

  4. Glad the pics are still there.

    My girl and I had a great time in Seattle a couple of years ago. I was astounded at the abundance of flowers at that market (which I’m blanking on the name of!) and how reasonably priced they were.

    1. Linda — I bet it was Pike Street Market. I have photos of all the incredible flowers. If you ever get this way again, give me a heads up!

  5. Ugh! You know… it’s past computer deaths that have helped me give up a lot of my attachment to “things”. Because photos are my BIGGEST “thing”… and I’ve lost sooooooo many of them through the years, that I no longer worry too much about what I lose! Which is sad in itself in a way… But then I look at all the photo’s WE have from Dennis’ parents that NO ONE knows who they are or where they were taken anymore! We’ve asked relatives from all over! NOBODY knows what these pictures are of! So why do we keep them? Well…. they’re FAMILY PICTURES of course! LOL! I’m ready to toss them!

  6. Hi Quilly,

    ~Moment of silence~

    Sorry about your loss. And I won’t say the “B” word, because I don’t, either. But pictures are a big loss! Maybe a good tech person can help…

  7. I never erase “good” pictures off my memory card. When it fills up, I buy a new one. You never know what will happen to your computer and keeping the pictures on a memory card is one way of guaranteeing you’ll still have them if your computer crashes.

  8. Oh, I’m so glad you still have your photos!
    Loosing any pics sucks 🙁

    No chance of getting the ‘puters fixed somewhere?

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