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  1. Okay I’m so hoping that this is a dream that you wrote about. LOL;. Now before the infamous pffft and go back and read, let me tell you that I’ve never in my entire life heard of frying bubble gum. It has just got my air head all in bubbles LOL. But I do like the whole Haiku 🙂

    1. Thom — since today’s subject is “dream”, yes, this is a dream I wrote about. I am so glad it made your brain bubble.

    1. Jade — it says I am bright, have a quick wit, a lively imagination and am just a bit weird — but only a bit, mind you.

    1. Rosidah — the sound of the words and the feeling of serendipity is what I was going for. Ignore Thom. Everyone else does. 😉

  2. Poetic Licence I think it is called. It sounds like a Dream that Federico Fellini would have.

    Laugh at Thom’s comment.

  3. huh, i’ve heard of deep fried mars bars but bubble gum??? must have been a weird dream 😉

    beautiful (and definitely unusual) imagery which only works with a title – which haiku traditionally don’t have (sorry)

    1. I knew it wasn’t a “real” haiku, but most of these folks aren’t purists like you, and I really do like the imagery in this. I may just expand it.

      1. wasn’t it obvious that i liked the imagery, too? 😉

        and i suppose 99% of the so called haiku on the net are far from the real thing (which doesn’t necessarily make them less fun, though) so i’m hardly unlikely to ever join a meme like this but i will contribute my 5 cents’ worth my own way

  4. Oh MYYYYYY! That is QUITE a dream! I had a weird dream the other night … I wish I could remember it ALLLLL … but part of it was 3 of my kids came to church — without telling me! Now THAT was a dreeeeeam!

  5. I am still stuck with Frying Bubble Gum! WOW… I just cannot imagine that at all.. Fantastic imagination and such an intriguing Haiku. Your dreams are AWESOME, Quilly! hugs, shakira

    1. Shakira — do not try frying bubble gum in real life. I am certain it wouldn’t smell good and the pan would likely not survive the experience!

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