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Visit Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in Washington State

Of course, I could be prejudice since I live here, but I think Friday Harbor is one of the most beautiful places in the Pacific Northwest — and that’s saying something because this is a land of impressive scenery.  Friday Harbor is on San Juan Island, nestled in the middle of Puget Sound between Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, BC.  It is part of a chain of lush, green islands that dot the blue-gray sea.

Friday Harbor is home to about 2500 permanent residents, and a rich collection of wildlife including majestic eagles and Orca whales.  We live in an outdoor recreational paradise with an abundance of hiking trials, kayaking opportunities, deep sea fishing, whale watching, camping, etc.  If the opportunities to have fun don’t blow your socks off the island views certainly will!

I don’t know how many of you are aware that both Susan and Thom plan to be here this Summer.  There’s no reason we can’t expand the group to include you, too.  My house is full already, but if you need a vacation rental in Friday Harbor there are plenty to choose from. There are three beautiful bed & breakfast houses within walking distance of our home. San Juan Island also has some great camp grounds. Susan says she and the kids plan to check those out.

The greatest concern you will have in visiting Friday Harbor is transportation. If you wish to bring your car, check with the Washington State ferry system for the round trip fees. Or, for five dollars per day you can leave your car in the long term parking lot at the Anacortes Ferry Terminal. If you are flying into Seattle, rather than renting a car you may wish to just catch a transfer flight on Kenmore Air, they have both land and seaplane service into Friday Harbor. I have flown in both ways and I love the seaplanes the best.


  1. Sounds like a fun summer, Q. Are you still going to Belgium, though? That would be fun, too!

    I wish we could visit Europe, but David cannot stay away from the office for more than a week. We would need at least 2 weeks to do it justice.

  2. A trip to San Juan sounds like a vacation in paradise! Maybe one day FW and I will be able to make the trip. If we ever do, I will look you up! I wonder if we’ll still be blogging at 80?

    1. Linda — LOL! The first time I heard of the flying service I said, “I don’t want to fly in a household appliance!

  3. I wonder…how are you handling the transition from Hawaii to Washington State? I imagine the weather, at least, must be a shock to your system! It’s a beautiful part of the country, though…no doubt about that.

    1. Melissa — I was born and raised in Northern Idaho. I am not having any trouble with the climate at all — although I do seem to have a few arthritis aches that weren’t as pronounced in Hawaii.

  4. I love Puget Sound islands. Mr. Logo and I did a stay on Orcas for our 10th anniv. and I love San Juan as well. We do the ferry thing on the motorcycles. Front of the line priveleges and only an arm, they let you keep the leg.

    ‘Course if I could hitch a ride with Gawpo I totally would

    1. Logo — you can come visit sometime. The bikes are cheaper then the car, aren’t they? But then again, you have two ….

  5. It’s a beautiful little place. But word to the wise, when she takes you to see the narrowest coffeeshop in the world, avoid the Chlorophyll Cocktail. The lime helps, but it’s really hard to get over the taste of liquid kale.

      1. And now that the setup is in place, I can add, “Yeah, I had better food at the local bait shop!!!” 😉

  6. I keep hoping. At one time Dennis had said yes … but the next time I brought it up he said he had never said that! It would be a blast to be there with y’all though… who knows… it could happen!

    1. Melli — you need to get one of those tape recorder ink pens …. lol.

      Or, you could take up paid phosting and squirrel away your pennies for the trip.

  7. The photo enlarged from shore to mountains is a sure fire teaser!
    Uh, you’re letting Thom come back? 🙂 Just kidding…

    1. Carletta — I am so glad you enlarged the photo. Friday Harbor photographs nicely, doesn’t it? I took this from the deck of the apartment we stayed in on the UW Friday Harbor Labs campus.

  8. It so reminds me of the Vancouver area we lived in. I´m sure it´s a tourist heaven to visit your island. Have you ever been to Victoria Island and Butchard Gardens? It´s so near where you live and definitely worth seeing. Just a suggestion for your summer guests!

    1. Betty, I have been to Vancouver. I saw the gardens when I was a child, but I haven’t visited them as an adult. We did stroll along the waterfront a couple of years ago and visit the capitol building. It is gorgeous.

      Every other year – -and now that he works for the labs much more often! — Amoeba goes camping in Port Renfrew and visits Botany Bay and a few other sea shore spots as part of a 3 day field trip with his students.

  9. You are torturing me, woman! You know I am homesick for that part of the country at least once a week, don’t you? I am resisting the urge to click on that link. Barely.
    Oops, too late. I’m headed there to dream!

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