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Macro Monday Spring at Pike Place

Pike Place

One can’t think about Pike Street in Seattle without thinking about Pike Place Market.  And one can’t think about Pike Place Market without thinking about Pike Place Fish Co.  Pike Place Fish Co. is the rockin’est place in Pike Street Market.  Walk up to the counter, order a fish, and watch what happens.  These are the guys with the flying fish philosophy.  They’ll sell you the freshest fish in town and give you a belly laugh in the process as your fish makes its airborne way from the back of the store to the counter for your approval, and then airborne again as it returns to the counter for wrapping.

Pike Place Fish Co
Pike Place Fish Co.

I am sorry I didn’t get any actual flying fish photos. It is just too fast and crazy. You’ve got to go and watch it with your own eyes. And a heads up: if you are going to try to snap photos, make sure the girl with the blue jean jacket and the pink bubble gum hair isn’t around because she’ll step in front of the camera every time!

As Linda of Mocha With Linda mentioned recently in the comments of one of my posts, Pike Place Market is also famous for its fresh flowers — and not just the ones lining the roof on both sides of the street.

The Street
Pike Street

The flower stalls take up a whole block and the colors are dazzling.


Many of these flowers are grown locally and they don’t come much fresher unless you go to the fields and purchase them there.


There are also huge planters out and about filled with blooms. The day Amoeba and I were in Seattle there were intermittent showers. We did our outside walking inbetween the drizzles.

Pink & Perky
Pretty in Wet Pink

As you can see, the rain provides compensations.

Freshly Showered & Ready to Shine

We had a great day. We went into the Spice store and bought a couple of specialty teas, and we found a little Asian Market where we bought all the sauces and spices I learned to love in Hawaii. The store was small and cramped and I didn’t want to go in, but Amoeba insisted and once I saw what was inside he wasn’t so sure I was coming back out!

Stay tuned, there’s more.


  1. Glad you two enjoyed. Always enjoy photos. Particularly like the 2nd one- the bouGet…:) (I am the Queen of typos as you know from reading my blog.

  2. As I said on your Flickr account…beatuiful photos and I remember this so well 🙂 Love it there. 🙂 The only thing I really missed were the fresh flowers. Most were the fake ones when I was there. It must be a beautiful site.

  3. That looks like a very nice place ! For the moment I love flower pictures ! after this long winter I am sun and flower hungry !

    1. Cathy — they were inexpensive. We didn’t buy any since we had such a long day and drive ahead of us, but I really wanted some!

  4. What beautiful flower pictures!! I LOVE the vibrant colors!
    My daughter was at this fish market just a few weeks ago, and she wrote me a long letter about it. She loved it there too. I once saw a TV show about the “throwing of the fish”, so I can imagine what it must have been like. I would love to go there some day.

  5. Oh, I so miss this place. I love all of the flower shots that you got. Whenever I went there, I’d always forget my camera.
    The crepe shop and the doughnuts are some of my favorite treats there, next to the fresh flowers to bring home.

    1. Colleen – -these days I don’t go much of anywhere without my camera. I forget it less often than I forget my wallet!

  6. Too bad you didn’t shoot some flying fish 😀
    Fresh fish sounds good though *yumyum*
    The flowers look gorgeous!
    And buying tea in a spice store? Now, that’s rather interesting, no?
    Looking forward to the ‘more’ part 🙂

    1. Nicole — they were much too fast for close up shots and when I moved to the back of the crowd there were too many people in the way. AND, it seemed no matter where I went the pink bubble gum colored hair girl had to put herself in the shot.

  7. We have a “Fish Market” that is very popular in Baltimore. The same kinda thing goes on there – flyin fish, flowers and all! I have not been there in years!

  8. The fishes couldn’t be any fresher than that! I would love to have one like this in town! Gorgeous photo, and love the information!

  9. Oh my gosh! I WANT one of those Jumbo Rock LOBSTER tails!!! HEAVEN! The flowers are beautiful too! I just made a new vase yesterday… I’m hoping it will be done in time for Easter! 🙂

  10. I love, love, love Pike. For a while there Mr. Logo worked right across the street (WAMU) and stopping by was a pretty regular thing. Nowadays, I don’t make it by quite so often. One of the things I often do with guests is take them to see the Monk fish at the Pike Place Fish Market. Always a good time!

  11. the fish market sounds great fun (except perhaps for the girl with bubble gum pink hair), and the flowers are gorgeous!

    1. Polona – -and those colors popped like that all on their own. I think it was the rain sharp air and the rain diffused sunlight.

  12. I have had interference from bubble gum girl, I usually try to nudge my way up and step on her foot- oops! lol I love all the flowers! The fish are pretty, but I don’t like to eat them.

    1. Lisa — luckily I am a fish eater. You can deep fry it, broil it, bbq it, or saute it. Yum!

      Oh – -and next time I see Bubble Gum Girl, I’ll step on her and tell her you sent me. 😉

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